Casting Call

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THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our entrants.

Capturing a special, fleeting moment in your children’s lives, a time when they bond as new siblings, starting out on their lifelong adventure together, Momento brings together the artistic skills of sculpture, photographer and framer creating a truly unique memory of an unforgettable moment in time.

Created exclusively by Venture Studios, Momento includes a photo shoot along with casting of your children’s feet by Memory Makers, the leaders in personal keepsakes. Both are then combined into a beautiful, bespoke frame for you to treasure forever. To celebrate the launch of Momento, we are looking for models to be the stars of our brand new framed product.

If you would like to know more about our Momento product please complete the form below:


Rebecca Littlechild

Memories fade but photographs last a lifetime. When looking back at my childhood I often forget certain events due to the time passed. A captured memory to me is a remember event and I want my child to be able to see what we saw at that time and remember.


Charlotte Carrigan

Looking back on photos takes you back to those moment and reminds you just how small they were and how fast they change and grow. I treasure the memories of her being hours/days old and can\'t wait to add more photos to the collection throughout our lives as a family.


Marie Higgs

You will never get the time back or relive them moments so capturing it in a photo is so precious, it takes you right back to that moment in time like nothing else can.


Alexandra Robinson

Everyday is precious, having this is memory that\'s priceless and everlasting to look back on.


Paulina Picz

The most important reason to get photos of my baby boy it’s because I love him, he loves me and our relationship it’s the one of the most important of I ever had in my life. And photos are the lasting reminder of that love.


Sarah Goodchild

She\'s growing so quickly and I am beyond proud of her already, I want to capture our happiness in a piece of art we can see every day and give to her once she is older to enjoy as we enjoy her


Sammie horsman

It is very important because the past 6 months has gone way to fast & we love looking back at old picture of our beautiful son!


Sian Morgan

8 weeks ago my baby began having sever seizures, and has since been diagnosed with epilepsy. We don’t yet know what is causing it, or his prognosis, but it has made us treasure every moment and memory with our precious, perfect boy



It is important for us to capture the special moments because they grown up so fast and it’s nice to capture them so we can create memories and when our baby grows up to pass onto him and go down memory lane.



I love the idea that when I’m old and grey and my children are all grown up with families of their own, I can look back at photos, castings and prints and remember all the lovely memories we have made while they’re young


Cesca Sharpe

One day you’ll blink and your tiny baby is running, talking or starting school. Those precious moments will never happen again, but capturing them to look back on will forever remind you how lucky you are.


Kirsty McCafferty

To have a reminder of the special times and special memories of you and your loved ones.



Because life passes by so quickly. We have an album dedicated to all of Ella\'s visitors as we feel it\'s important for her to be able to look back on.


Francesca Ward

Because we live such busy lives it all happens so quick. It’s amazing to be able to look back on moments and relive them through photos and videos.


Jade Storey

I never expected to have children. My 3 year old is my world and I’m currently 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child! Our family is changing, it’s beautiful and time is so precious. I want to show my toddler life before there was 4 of us


Natasha Hartland

Children change and blossom so quickly, it literally feels like if you blink you could miss a moment. It’s important to have images in print/art form to look back on all the great times we’ve shared as a family.


Annabelle Dawson-Moray

As a single mother by choice it is a privilege to be enabled to bring up a little miracle. Those memories are to be treasured after a long journey to motherhood


Lea allan

So we can look back in years to come and enjoy our special moments


laura carney

my eldest daughter is in foster care as she was born with multiple complex needs and i was too young to take care of her, i\'ve waited 9 years to get her back with me hopefully one day soon, i dont have a FULL family pic sorry


Pippa turner

My children are balls of energy. There never still, always moving, crawling, running and playing together. It is a nightmare to get a picture of them that shows their personality and energy, but when I do, it\'s a memory that I can keep forever! Venture photos do this for me.


Gundega Strausa

I am single mum who came out from abusive relationship and it would be nice to nake nice memories with my little one