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Entries from our Pet Competition

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Enter our family pet competition and be in with a chance to win your pet a years supply of food

At Venture Studios we know that your pet is an important member of your family. We encourage you to bring pets of all shapes and sizes into the studio to create the ultimate story telling image of your complete family. We pride ourselves on creating personalised family photographs which show the character and passions of all the members of your family creating unique images and memories which will last forever. To celebrate this we ran a competition in 2015 to find out what make’s your pet part of the family.

We had categories for all types of pets:

  • · Dogs
  • ·Cats
  • ·Small animals (gerbils, hamsters, rabbits)
  • ·Reptiles
  • ·Pet families (multiple pet families)
  • ·Birds
  • The winner from each category received a year’s worth of food provided by our quality pet food partner OSCAR, supplied from their extensive range of pet food products.

    You can see all the great entries below together with their story which has been perfectly portrayed in each image.

    We have more great competitions coming soon for 2016!



Venture Wandsworth Studio



The Joyce Family

Venture Glasgow Studio

Judy is part of the family because i have brought her up from a puppy. She\'s great company and always give you a good giggle. We all love her to bits.


The Anerson Family

Venture Glasgow Studio

My pet if part of our family because He is our first baby and we love him so much. With my hearing problems, he tells me when my child is crying or if the smoke alarm goes off. He even tells me when somebody is at the door. He\'s one of a kind. My Riley&l


The McCready Family

Venture Glasgow Studio

My pet is part of our family because we love huskies (and our child). As you can see they love each other very much.


Buddy & The Cother Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

He\'s just so cute and has brightened up many a dull day. Always full of enthusiasm, Buddy loves long walks running through the long grass he never fails to put a smile on our faces!


Harvey & The Golding Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

Our house would not be a home without him!



Venture Newcastle Studio

My pet is part of our family because she was meant to be.


Harvey, Angus and Ivor

Venture Edinburgh Studio

Poor old Harvey, he does put up with a lot!


Delta & The Dance Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

She brings a lot of fun & love into our family.


Milly, Monty and the Taylor Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

Milly & Monty are part of our family because they\'re completely bonkers and make us look sane!


Jenny & Teddy

Venture Glasgow Studio

My pet is part of our family because we fell for Jenny in the rescue center and Teddy is a curly clown!



Venture Glasgow Studio

My pet is part of our family because he really believes he\'s not a dog and is one of the kids. He loves dressing up in a \'Princess\' dress, stealing chocolate & trying to catch birds!! We wouldn\'t be without him, he drives up insane but we love him



Venture Glasgow Studio

Santa gifted storm to give our children a childhood being loved by a loyal and fun dog who loves to protect.


The Tillie Family

Venture Northampton Studio

Elsie makes us laugh and smile all the time. She loves us more than life itself, and this shows every time we walk into the room. She is truly part of our family and we can\'t imagine our home without her.



Venture Southampton Studio

They make us laugh, and they are a great extension to our family.



Venture Southampton Studio

They make us laugh, and they are a great extension to our family.



Venture Liverpool Studio

My pet is part of our family because he is our baby and we love him dearly. I spend all my time with Benton, I even take him to work with me!


Hall Family

Venture Wandsworth Studio

He is our first child.


De Souza

Venture Wandsworth Studio

He makes everybody laugh, even in those\'s serious situations.


Roxie & The Cook Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

We got Roxie 3 yrs ago to help after losing someone very close. Without her I don\'t know where we would be, shes helped me in so many ways and I owe her my life.


Tia and the Murrell Family

Venture Cheltenham Studio

Tia is our family pet & my Daughters best friend, she always knows when we need a cuddle!