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Run your own studio

Our Story so far…

Since its inception in 2000 Venture has established itself as the premium market-leading brand in the photography market, with an award winning franchise model. It is the only nationally recognised brand in its sector, making it truly distinct as a franchise concept. Venture now operates worldwide, with 24 studios in the UK, as well as studios across Asia and the USA. We pride ourselves on the combination of world-class customer service, market-leading standards of photography and a unique and contemporary range of products.

Photography innovation and customer experience is at the heart of Venture’s business, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of style, presentation and client value. All Venture photographers and studio staff are trained to the highest standard ensuring they produce the work and experience that is synonymous with the Venture brand.

Over 2.5 million pieces of Venture hand-made photographic products are displayed in homes across the UK, USA and Asia and every single item started life at our UK based production facility.
At Venture we constantly strive for quality in every aspect of the production process. The unique images we create are processed in our state of the art photographic laboratory using the latest fibre-optic and laser print technology. Your photographs are then combined with our hand crafted products by our team of dedicated specialists.

We are proud that every Venture product is British made and prior to delivery each one is inspected by our quality control team. To further protect the integrity of each product has its own unique holographic seal applied. This stamp of excellence is the final approval that each product has passed our rigorous quality procedures.

Southampton Case Study

Martin and Michelle Hillman joined the Venture brand in 2011, opening their studio on London Road, Southampton in January 2012.

“We had looked at several franchise opportunities in the market, as had considered working for ourselves for some time, we were open minded about what type of business we wanted to get involved in, but the more that we looked at the Venture Model it became more appealing over others that we had looked at given that Venture provide a unique experience, which creates a product full of emotional value to the customer.”

The opening of the Venture Southampton studio followed a well-defined end to end process, which is fully supported by the Venture team. This begins with locating a suitable property, helping on presenting business plans to the bank to raise funding, through to full training for the franchisees and recruitment and training of the studio team.

“We worked with Venture extremely closely for a full 6 months prior to opening the studio, a key part of the opening process was obviously both me and Michelle being trained on how to operate the venture model, and we spent time in other studios to observe the model in operation. As you can imagine it was an incredibly busy time in the run up to opening the studio! Key to a successful opening was making sure that we had an effective marketing plan in place in the 8 weeks prior to launch, which subsequently would ensure that we opened on day 1 with a diary full of customer appointments. It obviously worked as we turned over £100K in our first two full months of being open!

The Southampton studio continues to be one of the most successful studios in the Venture network, and has turned over an average of £600K over the last three years.

“Being completely honest the first two years were a very steep learning curve, and it’s been hard work, however that hard work has paid off and the financial returns of the business have exceeded our expectations. Coupled with this it has been really satisfying to be involved in such a unique and powerful brand, every day we see how thrilled customers are when they see the amazing photographs that we take of their families. We’ve just resigned a new 3 year franchise agreement with Venture, and are looking forward to continuing to build the business”

Join our family

  • Be part of a network of state-of-the-art studios in the UK, the US and Hong Kong.
  • Benefit from a well-known, established brand synonymous with quality and experience.
  • National Partnerships with some of the worlds most recognised brands.
  • Access to one of the UK’s largest provider of retail finance for your customers.
  • Receive ongoing training and support from experienced and talented sales, marketing and photographic teams.
  • More than 250 photographers work within the Venture Family, sharing ideas and inspiration on a daily basis – meaning we’re first with the best and brightest ideas in commercial portrait photography.
  • A unique business opportunity with a unique product
  • A proven business model
  • Large exclusive territories
  • A full territory launch program
  • Full initial training on the Venture model
  • Strong earning potential

What we look for….

Our current network of franchisees are from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Regardless of background our application and approval process makes sure that anyone who does become one of our franchisees possesses the qualities and skills that will give them every opportunity to succeed.

Our ideal franchise partners will possess many of the following qualities:

  • Have a strong interest in photography and a desire to move from “interest” to passion.
  • Have self-determination and an inner desire to own and run your own business.
  • Are comfortable leading, motivating and managing a small team of people.
  • Possesses the discipline to work under a proven method of doing business.
  • Is commercially aware – we are not looking for a 9-5 “behind a desk” franchisees. A basic grasp of small business administration will be needed – we can help with the rest.
  • Recognises the value of working within a branded business model.
  • Be comfortable with proactively marketing your business with a hands on approach to generate customer leads

Qualities and skills need to be matched with knowledge. Successful applicants will complete an initial training programme before they start in their studio.

After completing your own research on Venture, you will then be asked to complete a short application form. Following submission and review of this form, our franchise team will be in touch to arrange a visit to our Franchise Support Centre in Winsford, Cheshire.

At this visit you will be interviewed and formally assessed. Once we are satisfied you meet the criteria to own a Venture Studio, we will then set write a development plan you to open your studio and becoming part of the Venture family.

What is my investment?

The cost of opening a Venture studio can vary depending on location, fit out costs, and required working capital. As a guide our studios typically require start up investment of £100,000 – £150,000 of which you will be required to provide at least £30,000 – £45,000. The rest can usually be funded with a bank loan. Venture has relationships with most of the favorable lenders.

There are ongoing fees of:

  • Franchise Fee of 8-10% of turnover*
  • Media Fee of 3% of turnover

*10% fee is discounted to 8% for studios where payments are within term.

What return should I expect?

The returns on a Venture studio are down to the individual and the effort they put in. A Venture studio typically should return between 10% and 25%. It is important to note that all returns depend on the individual and are not guaranteed, they could be less, they could be more.

Your Application

A few things to think about before you apply.

Be aware that franchising is not for everyone. To own and operate a Venture franchise you need the managerial and personal skills necessary to run a business employing a small creative team of people whilst providing your customers with a five star experience.

It should come as no surprise then, that our selection process is rigorous.

We look for individuals with:

  • High personal integrity
  • High standards of people management and communication
  • Ability to display financial acumen
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to build local business relationships
  • The personality to be an excellent ambassador for The Venture Family.

If you would like to contact Venture head office in regards to joining our family, please click here to email us or call 0845 121 1085.