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Great ideas for daily activities at home

There are so many different things to do at home that it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which resources to look at, so we’ve narrowed the list down to our favourites:

If you’ve had a birthday or anniversary during lockdown here are some great ideas to celebrate at home from the people at Parent Info HERE

Lots of people are enjoying getting dressed up for a formal dinner at home. HERE’S how…

We love Kidult and Co – their clothes, their philosophy and we’re delighted to share their helpful colouring sheets HERE

We know that mothers can and so can fathers, siblings and other members of your household. What can they do? Have a look at this brilliant website from Mothers Could HERE and download some of their fantastic activities for children and parents. This resource will keep you going for weeks.

We’ve all gone into ‘make do and mend’ mode so what better way to get creative than to do it AND recycle at the same time? Have a look at Recycle and Play HERE for some resource saving ways of having fun.

We love Happify Daily – it’s packed full of great ideas including this one – why not turn off your remote and look at your family album – create a digital photo album of your favourite pictures. HERE