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Immortalize your beloved fur baby with professional pet photography from Venture in Hong Kong. To learn more about our pet portraiture call 0845 121 1085.

Have us create a professional portrait of your furry, scaly, or feathery friends that you can cherish. Hong Kong is a city of animal lovers and our pets are valuable and loved members of our families. At Venture we recognize this and we love to get the family pets involved in our photoshoots, as well as creating beautiful pet portraits of the animals themselves.

Most commonly we are asked to create portraits of common household pets like cats and dogs, but we have photographed a wide variety of pets, from small animals such as tortoises, right the way up to horses!

Celebrate your beloved cat or dog with our portrait photography

Our professional and highly experienced photographers will work with you to take a selection of photos that really bring out the personality of your pet, but you may also like to bring along a couple of props such as a favourite toy or their bed. Also don’t forget to pack the treats to help coax them into playing along.

Some customers can be concerned that the bright studio lights and flashes will worry their pet but very often the animals get used to the studio really quickly and aren’t bothered at all – sometimes we find they are more relaxed than their owners!

Capture your beloved pets at their prime and remember them forever with a Venture pet photography experience in Hong Kong. For more information about having your cat, dog, or any other kind of pet photographed by Venture, please get in touch with us by calling 0845 121 1085 or using the online enquiry form.

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