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What’s included in a Venture Sitter and Milestone Session Photoshoot Package

  • A bespoke 1-hour photoshoot with one of our highly skilled baby photographers.
  • A warm, inviting spacious studio setting – with soft lighting – allowing baby plenty of time to get comfortable.
  • A voucher will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.
  • Return visit to our studio for an exclusive cinematic viewing of your images.
  • Opportunity to purchase additional images and view our wide selection of sustainable frames.
  • Your chosen image in a 10″ x 8″ table top frame valued at £165.
  • Each studio has a selection of packages available for additional framed images. Digital images can be purchased as part of these packages but are not sold individually. Please contact your local studio directly for pricing.

Our standard terms and conditions apply.

What to expect from a Venture sitter session photoshoot?

  • After you have purchased a voucher from our website, you will receive a discovery call from your chosen studio. This is where we find out about you, what you want and tailor your experience accordingly. No two clients are the same, so we want to ensure no two photoshoots are the same.
  • You will be asked to complete a questionnaire so we understand the style of images you prefer and where your finished piece will be displayed.
  • You will be greeted by your photographer when you arrive at the studio and made to feel at home straight away.
  • You’re welcome to bring personal items and accessories – anything that shows off your personality!
  • Don’t be afraid to bring your favourite sentimental items or even your pet!
  • We will take a variety of photos based on your preferences, whilst you immerse yourself in the experience.
  • After your photoshoot, you will be invited back for a full cinematic viewing of your images. This is where you will choose your complimentary frame and have the option to purchase more, should you wish.

What size frame do I get with this photoshoot?

Can I order additional images and frames?

Yes absolutely! Our photoshoot experiences include one printed image with a frame. Digital images are not included in this photoshoot experience, but are available in all studios, starting from £295 for four digital images. These are suitable for social media and printable up to 7” x 5”.

Each studio has a wide selection of packages available to suit all budgets, which include both digital and framed images. Finance options are available.

About the Sitter Session Photoshoot Package Deal

A Sitter Session photoshoot, is a milestone session within a baby’s first year, (sometimes referred to as a Milestone Photoshoot). It takes place when your little one can sit up steadily, ideally before they start crawling (though this isn’t a requirement) and before they begin walking.

Parents, get ready to be involved from start to finish, as your presence ensures comfort and brings out the best in your little one’s smiles and giggles. This approach ensures that your baby feels confident in their new environment and is comfortable enough to reveal their true personality. Therefore, parental participation is highly encouraged.

Every baby develops at their own pace, so our sitter session photoshoots are typically scheduled for babies around 6 to 10 months old. At this stage, infants are very interactive and full of genuine expressions. They smile readily, giggle often, and make the most adorable faces, perfect for toddler photography.

These sessions capture the essence of your growing baby and create timeless memories. By incorporating creative ideas, you can create a collection of treasured memories that will bring joy for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a baby portrait session or an infant milestone session, sitting up baby photography ensures you won’t miss this charming phase of your baby’s growth.

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Sitter Session Package

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Why Should I Choose Venture Photography?

  • All our photographers are highly skilled and are qualified.
  • We’re experienced professionals and have been capturing family memories for over 25 years.
  • We have flexible booking and availability, including morning, afternoon and evening shoots, as well as weekdays and weekends.
  • Your session is tailored to you, with no staged posing – we will capture the perfect natural moments without you even realising.
  • A relaxed environment with our super friendly team – we’ll ensure you feel right at home and enjoy every minute of your day with us at your nearest Venture Studio.
  • Unlike many other companies, your portraits are printed using specialist inks that are guaranteed to last. We don’t do standard digital printing, so your images become art pieces and not ‘run of the mill’ prints.
  • All our end products are handmade in our factory in Cheshire, UK.
  • We use responsibly and sustainably sourced moulding and mountboards.

Find out more about The Venture Experience here.

Sitter Session Photography Package FAQ’s

My child is really shy, I don’t think they would enjoy the photoshoot and we wouldn’t get any images.

Venture has years and years of experience working with children of all ages and we love to capture all the different characters from exuberant children to the little wall flowers. We are experts at bringing their personality out. Most customers have apprehension about bringing children whether they are a bit too giddy or a bit shy and like to hide. We pride ourselves on families walking out of the studio amazed at how the photographers have teased out their child’s character and captured such beautiful images.

I’ve taken part in a ‘portrait of the month’ competition and cant see where the picture is

Check out your studio’s social media profiles to find out more about their Portrait of the month competition. Can’t find it? Click HERE to find your studio to contact them directly.

My baby has older siblings, can they come as well?

Yes – we welcome the whole family including the family pet. Our studios are equipped to take up to 15 people in most cases.

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