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A new chapter for a family tradition

Story telling is a family tradition and as Tom’s father is a writer you’ll find books everywhere in our house. Naturally Sam has picked these up and looked at them from a very young age so he has gained a natural affinity.

He gained a fascination with words which led us to start teaching him to read in the last few weeks despite the fact that he won’t start school for another 18 months. We’re hoping that this work hand in hand with his amazing imagination – we often find him playing with his toys making up the most amazing stories.

I think it helps that we have always read bedtime stories to Sam, even when he was a baby. Now it’s a great excuse to get some together time, we snuggle up on his bed with a glass of milk and a biscuit (Oreo’s are his choice!).

We’re sure it won’t be long before he can read us a story and we’re hoping this passion will stay with him for many years to come. It’s great to have some pictures to remember where it all began.

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