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Lights, camera, action….

When Alison and I first met we used to spend a lot of time going to the cinema, mainly because there was nowhere else for us to spend time together. It soon became very evident that we both really enjoyed films and it inspired a number of holidays for us.

For our honeymoon we went to Hollywood and other trips have seen us follow in the footsteps of the classics – New York…. to marvel at the tall buildings King Kong climbed, Texas……to get a taste of real cowboy country frequented by Clint Eastwood in so many of his films and Casablanca…. just because it’s Casablanca.

The arrival of Ellen has been one of the most momentous occasions in our life and we have been sharing our passion with her since she was born. It’s great, because we know that we have a pastime that we can share with our daughter straight away and who knows may be we will be watching her on the silver screen one day!

The studio is where your experience comes to life

From start to finish your time at Venture will be like no other photography experience; see how we captured the character and passions of the Pemberton family to create unique personalised story telling images giving them memories that will last forever.