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When love blossoms

Whilst growing up I used to spend a lot of time at my Grandparents; they had a huge garden and it was all sectioned off with each area dedicated to different fruits and vegetables. There was an area for greens – lettuces, cabbages and the like, an area for root vegetables, a fruit cage full of blackcurrant bushes, raspberry canes and strawberry plants as well as green house full of all shapes and sizes of tomatoes.

I used to spend long summer days pottering around, hanging on the shirt tails of my grandfather helping him tend his plants and making sure there were no weeds to take the goodness away from the fruit and vegetables.

Ever since then I have made sure that I have been an avid gardener – spending all my weekends out there come rain or shine and my passion has extended from fruit and veg to include flowers too.

On one of my regular visits to my local garden centre, I met Tom – we got into a debate about different varieties of tomatoes – and since then we have never looked back. We both share the same passion for growing our own fruit and vegetables and one day we hope to be self-sufficient.

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