Venture Leeds

A stunning building on the edge of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, set amongst up and coming indie bars and restaurants, back with a convenient multi storey carpark.

We are very proud that from your first reservation conversation, to stepping through the door into our two brilliantly equipped, easy access photography studios, browsing the wall art gallery, or settling down in our cinema-style viewing  room with popcorn, freshly brewed coffee or a glass of ‘lightly-chilled’, everyone’s attention to detail to personalise your visit is quite simply an experience second to none.

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62-64 North Street

Monday Closed
Tuesday Appointment only
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 11am – 8pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm

Meet the team

  • mark - studio owner at venture leeds

    Mark - Studio Owner & Manager

    Studio and business owner Mark, has over 30 years of experience in the family portrait industry.  He began his career as a junior photographer working his way through every possible photographic scenario imaginable with a wealth of outside business experience leading him to become the captain of our ship and a proper marketing guru, steering everyone, from client to colleague, through the waters with a safe pair of hands on the wheel. He’s brill to work with, not only because he gives every one of us an adequate free reign allowing, under his ultimate control, our creative talents to come to the fore ..but he buys the cookies too! A perfectionist in everything he does with a keen eye to ensuring the experience for both client and staff in the studios is a pretty fine one!

  • lewis - head of photography at venture leeds

    Lewis - Head of Photography

    The ‘Big Man’ Lewis – a gentle giant of a man with a deep laugh and a huge sense of fun. Lewis heads up our photography team with a wealth of world-wide training, experience and genuine care for his clients which, when combined with his natural talent, his penchant for fine art practices, and the most incredible pet photography we have ever seen, makes him a legend throughout the team and a pleasure to work with every day. Lewis has been with the Venture Photography group for some years but still manages to keep his work fresh, personalised and of the utmost calibre as he takes us to the next level.

  • anj - head of bookings at venture leeds

    Anj - Head of Bookings & Viewings

    It’s Anj that starts your journey – making your booking, asking loads of ‘bonkers and bizarre’ questions to ensure your photographer has all the information about your  family before you come in to plan the session so we  ‘shoot to suit’. Anj’s purpose is to ensure Venture Leeds is not a ‘conveyor belt’ operation and every client experience is personalised to get the best results. Anj finishes your journey too, she heads up the viewing room team – she is trained to style the final photographic results with a professional eye for display, coordinating your chosen images with the best frames, mount style  and size of wall art pieces for your home, totally under client instruction but with a keen eye to getting the perfect end result on the wall. A sort of ‘Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen’ with slightly less facial hair?? A mine of professionally suggested style tips if you need them to get the very best results on the wall.

  • holly - bookings and front of house at venture leeds

    Holly - Bookings & Front of house

    Holly specialises in taking care of our ‘new mum and dad’ clients organising studio sessions to capture the special ‘bump’ photographs even before baby’s arrival,  to tiny newborn photography shoots with parents and grandparents too. It’s Holly who will make the longer bookings needed to allow our team of photographers extra time to capture the earliest collection of the best tiny baby images, often at very short notice should the baby decide to arrive early. Holly’s bright and fun, and as mum to Louie can relate easily to the trials and tribulations of being a new parent.

  • Sarah - viewings consultant at venture leeds

    Sarah - Viewings Consultant

    A fairly recent addition to the Venture Leeds team. As mum to Willow, Sarah juggles home and work life, spending her weekends in our viewing room guiding our clients around our gallery of wall portraits, and helping with ideas to design and personalise everything from simply elegant framed photographs right through to fine art photography in every size, shape and finish  you can imagine.

  • Makenzie - digital artist at venture leeds

    Makenzie - Head of production / digital artist

    Makenzie is probably one of the most organised, focussed people we have working in the studio. Makenzie looks after editing and cropping images to suit our clients individual needs for their piece for the wall, looking at every minute detail of every photograph – she prepares images for printing at the lab and it is her eye for detail that we rely on for the overall quality of all our work! In her spare time our lovely Makenzie cares for her house trained rabbit, who, yes, has been for a visit and she is a jewellery designer – check out her quirky style and take a glance at her sensationally stylish ear rings when you visit.

  • Alice - photographer at venture leeds

    Alice - Photographer & digital artist

    Soft and gentle Alice – a photographer of extraordinary ability. She is the ‘quiet one’ of the team and yet an absolute powerhouse of calm yet exceptional talent.  Alice goes out of her way to ensure her client’s needs are met in a welcoming and tranquil environment  gaining a photographic result beyond words. It’s Alice’s work that brings a tear to the eye for many a parent at the viewing, and has a couple of the viewers reaching for a tissue too! You think we’d be hardened to it all by now? – not a chance when Alice is at work. She catches us off guard with her easy use of your accessories, achieving  the softer shots that mums and dads love so much of their precious family members.

  • ruby - photographer at venture leeds

    Ruby - Photographer

    ‘Rubes’  A true asset to the Venture Leeds team with her bubbly fun personality and her determination to be the best of the best. Ruby has an extremely keen eye when it comes to selecting the best of the photographs from a shoot to add to a viewing presentation. She has a degree and is now undertaking, at incredible speed, the full Venture Academy training programme which she attacks with gusto incorporating her own ideas, energy and artistic integrity, listening to the client brief and interpreting the instruction as only a Venture team member can do.

  • kath - exhibition staff

    Kath - Exhibition

    Another cornerstone of the Venture Leeds operation, a staff member for over twenty years, who looks after our exhibition stand with the sunniest of personalities, and the kindest of dispositions. Kath is a mine of Venture information and detail, spending her time travelling to  stunning exhibition and country fair locations to spread the word about the importance of capturing family memories for generations to come. Smile sweetly at Kath.. she sometimes has vouchers to GIVE AWAY!

  • sunny - studio bunny at venture leeds


    Yes, we have a rabbit! His name Sunny and he visits on a regular basis sitting in his little house at his ‘mummy’ Makenzie’s feet in our edit suite. He’s fully ‘house/studio’ trained and has the most amazing calming relaxing influence on us all just by being with us. He shares our ‘five-a-day’ veggies and has a penchant for sweetcorn. We just love him to bits.

What our customers say...

  • a newborn baby awake with a toy heart next to him

    "The Kamudu Family"

    "Noah thoroughly enjoyed his experience at Venture Studios, Birmingham and we feel Beth captured our little boy perfectly!"

  • "The Okito Family"

    "Delighted to see our diamond daughter Ebony as a part of Venture family."

  • a black and white image of a father and son embracing

    "The Muresan Family"

    "Bursting emotions… The bond between father and son… There are no words rich enough to describe the feeling of holding tight to what you treasure most."