Venture Liverpool

Our newly refurbished, state of the art photography studio is in the heart of Liverpool city centre. We have everything you need for a relaxed family photography experience to make memories to treasure for a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on using our skills to create stunning images which convey your story and capture the current life events which matter to you. We’ll take the time to get to know you and the people you love most, so we can understand what makes your family who they are.…that’s why your Venture experience begins long before you reach our studio. 

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20-22 Rodney Street
L1 2TQ

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am-7pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

Meet the team

  • Mark - Studio Owner

    Studio owner Mark, has over 30 years of experience in the family portrait industry. He began his career as a junior photographer working his way through every possible photographic scenario imaginable. He has a wealth of outside business experience leading him to become the captain of our ship and a ‘proper genius’ marketing guru, steering everyone, from client to colleague, through the waters with a safe pair of hands on the wheel. He’s brill to work with, not only because he gives every one of us an adequate free reign allowing our creative talents to come to the fore…. But he buys the cookies too! A perfectionist in everything he does with a keen eye to ensuring the experience for both client and staff in the studios is a pretty fine one.

  • Jess - Studio Manager & Head of Photography

    Jess is just the most high- energy persona anyone has ever met! You can’t help but absorb her infectious love for life and passion for her art. A multiple award winner throughout the Venture group with the utmost respect quite literally from EVERY photographer in the company… world wide.

  • Anj - Head of Bookings & Viewings

    It’s Anj that starts your journey- making your booking, asking loads of ‘bonkers and bizarre’ questions to ensure your photographer has all the information about your family before you come into plan the session so we ‘shoot to suit’. Anj’s purpose is to ensure Venture Leeds is not a ‘conveyor belt’ operation and every client experience is personalised to get the best results. Anj finishes your journey too, she heads up the viewing room team- she is trained to style the final photographic results with a professional eye for display, coordinating your chosen images with the best frames, mount style and size of wall art pieces for your homes, totally under client instruction ensuring the perfect end result on the wall. A sort of ‘Lawrence Llewelyn- Bowen’ with slightly less facial hair?? A mine of professionally suggested style tips if you need them to get the very best of display of your images.

  • Sue - Bookings

    ‘Our Sue’- a valued member of the bookings team who balances the diary and bringing up her gorgeous daughter too. Sue works from home (if she calls you might even get to hear her cutey dogs in the background). She is super- efficient and brilliant at finding the perfect diary session for your shoot. When she is in the studios, it will be Sue calming your pets and cuddling your babies (with your permission of course)

  • Bryony - Photographer & Production

    A great asset to the Liverpool team. Bryony’s customer care style starts on the telephone even before you meet her. Super efficient and a wonderfully talented photographer. She sounds great, looks great and shoots great too! Enjoy her company, she is fun to be with.

  • Georgia - Photographer & Viewer

    Georgia has completed her training to be an incredible photographer- with Jess. She has adopted the style and panache of the Venture brand but now with training completed, she combines sensational technique with her own raw talent and twist. Another prize winner for her natural talent and one to watch at the next awards ceremony.

  • Louise - Photographer & Viewer

    Louise completes the team of photographers in our Liverpool studio- She is a chameleon! She can be calm and gentle for baby photography and a crazy lady with children and teens. Her results speak for themselves with incredible portraits brimming with originality and tear jerking softness.

  • Georgia - Social Media

    ‘G’ started her career with us as a Saturday girl, serving teas and coffees and making fresh popcorn for the viewing room visitors. She now has properly joined our Venture family to undertake our social media, doing video reels, behind the scenes and all sorts! Even getting the team involved! Check out her work on our website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. She’s fun to work with and keen to please everyone who visits, normally dressed with a splash of pink or matching hair accessory

  • Holly - Bookings

    Holly specialises in taking care of our ‘new mum and dad’ clients organising studio sessions to capture the special ‘bump’ photographs even before baby’s arrival, to tiny newborn photography shoots with parents and grandparents too. It’s Holly who will make the longer bookings needed to allow our team of photographers extra time to capture the earliest collection of the best tiny baby images, often at very short notice should the baby decide to arrive early. Holly is bright and fun, and as a mum to Louie and Olive can relate easily to the trials and tribulations of being a new parent.

  • Makenzie - Head of Production

    Makenzie heads up our team of edits ‘wizards’ for both our Leeds and Liverpool Studio, cropping images to suit our clients individual needs looking at every minute detail of every photograph striving for perfection. She prepares images for printing at the laboratory and it is her eye for detail that we rely on for the overall quality of all our work. In her spare time our lovely Makenzie cares for her house trained rabbit Sunny, who yes, has been in for a visit, she is a jewellery designer- check out her quirky style and take a glance at her sensationally stylish earrings when you visit.

  • Alex - Production

    Our in- house edit wizard. An incredible talent hidden behind a great big beard! He is super clever at removing everything that is unwanted on pictures and adding extra bits that are. He can whiten teeth, clean nails, shoes and noses and ssshhhhh fill in bald spots and smooth away wrinkles- we ALL love Alex to bits.

  • Rosie - Exhibitions

    The queen of the exhibition stand. Rosie is the very first face of Venture Photography you will see. Totally approachable with all of the ‘silly questions’ face to face. She starts your journey with fabulous special offer vouchers and all the answers to all the questions with information to help you on the road to incredible baby, family and pet photography.

What our customers say...

  • Rebecca B.


    My girls loved their photoshoot. They really enjoyed having their hair and make-up done. We were made to feel very comfortable.

  • The Notay Family


    Ellie was amazing! She made us all feel at ease and we had so much fun – even the boys said so! It was quite a chore to get them to attend, so an excellent result all around.

  • Hannah H.


    Photographing one puppy can be a daunting task, let alone eight! Lucy didn’t hesitate for a minute, patiently entertaining their antics and taking some gorgeous images! Thank you Lucy for making the photoshoot such an entertaining, enjoyable experience!