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Looking for a unique gift experience or simply want some professional, distinct photography of you and your family? At Venture Photography, we offer you an innovative, fun-filled photographic session which will produce wall art that you can cherish forever.

Let your family’s story come alive with award-winning photography from our contemporary Orlando studio. Bring along a few of your favorite outfits or props and your photographs are sure to ooze the color and personality that you so desire.

Following your photoshoot our digital artists will spend hours creating unique and inspiring photographs which are truly special for you and your family before inviting you back to your own cinematic viewing experience at our in-house cinema.

At Venture, all our photographs are unique because we are passionate about revealing your family’s story. Contact our team in Orlando today to book your studio time.

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Venture Orlando, 444 West New England Ave, Suite 115, Winter Park, FL 32789

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T: (321) 397-9460


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At Orlando we offer a number of services and facilities to make your visit an amazing experience. We have provided some useful information below as you may wish to take the opportunity to spend a little more time in our area. If there is anything further information you require please do not hesitate to contact us.


Changing Rooms


Changing Rooms

Meet your venture team

Our Orlando studio promises style and modern features but not only that, also it is bursting with passionate, friendly people who want to bring your family’s story to life.

Bring along teens, tots, babies, pets and props and we will work with you to ensure that your photographs ooze style and personality.

Pete Westlake – Studio Owner

Pete is a business owner with a passion for photography. Pete has been involved with photography as a hobby for 30 years and has owned the studio since 2011. Pete owes his love for photography to his Grandfather who in the late 1800’s opened one of the first professional photography studios in London Ontario. Pete has worked in multiple industries as a high tech consultant and decided to bring this franchise to Florida based on the quality and creativity of the brand. “I love my Job, I have the privilege of helping you tell your story and watch as it unfolds right in front of you. There is no other family based portrait studios that can match our quality or our product. Let us tell your story.”

Dani Brown – Photographer

Adventure seeker and animal lover, Dani always knew photography was in her future. Combining her love for photography and sports, Dani cut her teeth as Florida State University’s athletic photographer. You could also catch her on the racetrack shooting sleek high performance cars or hanging out at the dog park with some of her favorite four-legged models.

Kam Ridley – Photographer

Kam ‘s path to photography was anything but straight or narrow. After dabbling in the careers of teacher, graphic designer, news producer, on air news reporter and pharmaceutical sales specialist, Kam finally decided she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up! Juggling marriage, pregnancy and a full time job she studied photography at Boston Universities Center For Digital Imaging and Arts.

Kam owned and operated her own photography studio in Boston but a career move by her husband landed her in Orlando and at Venture’s doorsteps. “I love the creative control Venture offers photographers. Imagination is not an option, it’s a priority when I pick up my camera to help tell your story.”

“Venture is the only place where my models range from full families to motorcycles and sports cars all in one day. Everyday I walk into the studio, I have a blank canvas with each family to tell incredible one-of-a kind stories.”

Mehmet Gurkaynak – Sales & Marketing Director

Mehmet joined Venture Photography in January of 2012 as a sales rep. Because of his entrepreneurial mindset and his relentless drive, he quickly moved up the ranks to Sales & Marketing Director.

Mehmet is from Turkey and attributes his love for people to the strong cultural influence of his home country. Married, with two daughters, photography is a huge part of his own life and he greatly enjoys working for a company with such a paralleled family focus.

Norman Rodriguez – Diary Manager

Coming from a strong background in customer service, Norman was able to blend his passions for photography and storytelling with his work history into one by joining the Venture team. As Diary Manager he likes to get to know his clients on a one to one basis and with a little spark of inspiration turns the ordinary into an extraordinary photographic experience they will never forget.

Erica Paal – Design Consultant and Senior Booking Agent)

Erica comes to us with a long-standing history in business. She attended university several times for several areas of study including a degree in photography. She has followed in her Hungarian roots in the photography field. Her grandfather was a cinematographer by trade & a working photographer too. During World War Two he made films & photographs for the Hungarian military. Her father followed it as a hobby & passion in both Hungary & America. When living in Los Angeles Erica was published frequently & worked in the field. ” I am truly thankful to be at Venture Photography. All of the people here make my life full & rich! Remember to always love like you have never been hurt & dance like nobody is watching!!!!! HIZAAAA!!!!!!”

Dean Field – Production Manager

After having the Venture Experience for his family, Dean knew he wanted to be among such a unique group of artist. Dean has loved art since he was a child and studied design. His attention to detail and retouching skill enhances the beauty of every image.



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