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As any parent knows, childhood is fleeting. At Venture we are experts at photographing young children whose personalities really start to develop as they start school and reach out into a world of infinite possibilities. Throughout this period of their lives your children will start to take up hobbies and interests which become a major part of their lives and play a part in defining the character and passions of both themselves and your family.

Our photographers and staff are hugely experienced in bringing out the best in young children and getting them to act naturally, exposing their individual personalities perfectly. And having photographed thousands of young children over the years we can confidently say they almost always have a great time, showing off and having fun at a Venture photoshoot.

You may want to bring along some props with you to the photoshoot. Items such as treasured toys, or dressing up clothes can really bring out the character of your children and help them to relax and have a great time.

Following the photoshoot our digital image preparation and enhancement will ensure that you have a range of superb quality photographs of both you and your children to choose from and to cherish forever.

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Our family has always been musical. As a child I learnt to play the flute and put my parents through a lot of pain during my many hours of practice, and my sister played the clarinet – I think her practice sessions were probably a little less kind to the ear drums!


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