Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

For any queries that are not answered please contact us directly

RevealIs there a studio near me?

We have 17 studios all around the UK, with more opening soon. Click HERE to find your nearest studio.

RevealCan I call the studio directly?

Yes of course! Either call your local studio or complete an enquiry form and we will come back to you ASAP.

RevealWhat makes a Venture portrait different?

We understand the power of telling a story, and we’re passionate about using our skill, time and effort to tell yours. That’s why we call ourselves the ‘Pioneers of the Storytelling Image’. We believe our bespoke portraits are a unique piece of personal artwork, and pride ourselves on capturing a precious moment in your life that you’ll treasure forever.

Discover more about our packages.

RevealWhat is included in my voucher?

Our Venture Experience vouchers consist of;

  • A bespoke photoshoot in your local studio with one of our highly skilled photographers
  • Return visit for a private cinematic viewing of all your images
  • Your chosen image with complimentary frame from your chosen package

A wide variety of additional frame options are available and your studio can discuss this with you in more detail.

RevealHow long are vouchers valid for?

Most of our vouchers are valid for six months from date of purchase. Sometimes when it is a discounted offer or a limited product the validity period may be shorter. We always detail this on the product page and it will be confirmed in your experience voucher.

RevealHow do I book my photoshoot?

As soon as you have purchased your voucher, your chosen studio will contact you to book in your photoshoot. If you have an urgent booking then please contact your local studio directly. 

RevealMy photoshoot includes an image and frame, am I obliged to buy more products?

You are under no obligation to purchase more products, you can just leave with your chosen image and frame. We do however have many frames to choose from should you wish to upgrade your package. View our full range.

RevealCan I use two vouchers in one session but get two images and frames?

Unfortunately only one voucher can be used per photoshoot session, if you have a second then we definitely recommend it as an amazing gift for friends and family! 

RevealHow many people can I bring to my photoshoot?

Our studios can accommodate 15-20 people, so the more the merrier. We just recommend checking with your chosen studio first.

RevealWho should attend the viewing?

We require all adults from the session to attend the viewing. It is a fantastic experience to see your images in cinematic form. Plus it’s best to have all the decision makers there so you can make your decision as a team.

RevealDo you provide props / outfits?

Here at Venture Studios we want to tell YOUR story, and the best way to do this is with your own personal items from home. Your Venture Experience includes a fire up call with your photographer who will ask questions all about you and your family’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality traits etc and advise you on the things to bring to personalize your photoshoot. Check out our gallery to see what previous customers have brought along with them.

RevealIs there anything else you recommend to bring to the photoshoot?

If you have young children snacks are essential! Your little ones can get hungry very quickly from running around the studio so it’s best to have some of their favourite snacks on hand just in case. This also goes for your furry friends!

RevealDo you do my hair and makeup?

We do not offer hair and makeup, so we always suggest that family members prepare themselves at home before arriving at the studio. However we strongly suggest bringing along make up or styling tools for an extra touch up before and during the photoshoot.

RevealHow long does a typical photoshoot last?

We usually allow 1 hour 15 mins per photoshoot, however this may be different for each studio. Always make sure to allow extra time either side of that for potential traffic and parking plus  your post photo session chat at the end.

RevealWhat time of day do you recommend for young children?

We want to make sure your children are at their best during the photoshoot, so it’s best to book a time that is post-nap and dinner time so that they’re full of energy for the photoshoot.

RevealI have something to ask about my session, who’s best to talk to?

Please contact the studio you have booked with and ask to speak to your Photographer, who will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

RevealCan I bring my pet to my photoshoot?

If it fits through the door you can bring it! In all of our years of business we have had horses, pigs, snakes… you name it and you can most likely bring it! However we do suggest you check with your local studio first to make sure it’s okay.

RevealWhat should I wear to my photoshoot?

Your photographer will discuss exactly what you are wanting to achieve from your photography session to ensure you are fully prepared with clothing and items to bring. We suggest bringing a selection, so you are not in the same outfit in all photos.

RevealI just want pictures of my children / grandchildren - what voucher should I buy?

Our family photoshoot experiences are the perfect choice. We will always encourage your to get involved as well as it helps make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. We photograph many different groupings throughout the session and you might be surprised at the results. You can of course choose the images that you love the most.

RevealAre there any restrictions?

There are no restrictions on age, however under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. 

We only allow one voucher per family per year, and if purchasing a family photoshoot voucher, the whole family must attend the photoshoot at the same time.

RevealCan spectators come and watch?

Yes they can! Some families like to bring in friends / grandparents for an extra pair of hands. This is also a great opportunity to get them involved in a few shots too, which we always encourage. Get some inspiration from our gallery.

RevealHow many people will be in the studio with us?

Just your family members and a photographer – sometimes an additional photographer if training is taking place.

RevealDo we all need to come? We only want pictures of the kids

Although you may think you’re just looking for photos of the kids, think about how often you manage to get the whole family into one photograph. How often is it that one of you is holding the camera to photograph the rest of the family? Instead use this opportunity to get a wide variety of photographs and get the whole family involved. Get inspiration from our gallery of images.

RevealMy child is really shy, I don’t think they would enjoy the photoshoot and we wouldn’t get any images.

Venture has years and years of experience working with children of all ages and we love to capture all the different characters from exuberant children to the little wall flowers. We are experts at bringing their personality out. Most customers have apprehension about bringing children whether they are a bit too giddy or a bit shy and like to hide. We pride ourselves on families walking out of the studio amazed at how the photographers have teased out their child’s character and captured such beautiful images. 

RevealMy baby has older siblings, can the come as well?

Yes – we welcome the whole family including the family pet. Our studios are equipped to take up to 18 people in most cases.

RevealI don't have the perfect shaped bump, can you make me look amazing?

Our photographers are experts in finding the perfect angles, lighting and positioning to ensure everyone looks their very best – don’t worry you are in safe hands

RevealCan I request a female photographer?

Please mention this to your studio when booking, we can’t guarantee 100%, but we have a hugely diverse range of photographers across all genders and will always try to meet your wishes

RevealI might need to feed my baby, is that a problem?

No problem at all, our studios are equipped with comfy feeding areas and privacy if you require it.

RevealWhat type of frames are available?

We have a large range of frames available to suit all budgets, plus we offer financing options if required. View our full selection of frames.

RevealCan I spread payment on my final pieces of wall art?

Absolutely! Our studio’s have a variety of options to spread the cost of your purchase which the photographer will explain at the end of your photoshoot and at your viewing.

RevealDo you sell digital copies?

Yes we do. All options will be discussed with you at your cinematic viewing. If you would like to find out more, please contact your local studio.

RevealDo you do headshots for businesses?

This is not a service we advertise, however this option may be available with your local studio. Contact them directly to discuss.

RevealDo I get all the digital images included in my photoshoot voucher?

Your voucher will include one handcrafted framed photograph dependent on the package you have purchased. Any digital images you would like to have can be purchased at your viewing appointment.

RevealHow long do you keep the images for?

This is different for each studio, so best to discuss with them directly

RevealCan you remove people from an old image that was taken?

We strongly recommend treasuring old memories (or popping them into storage) Instead why don’t you check out our photoshoot packages and come in for a brand new photoshoot with brand new memories.

RevealWhy do I have to come back to collect my products?

Our amazing production team inspect your products very carefully to ensure you are only receiving the highest quality Venture product, however we want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase before taking it home.

RevealWhy are the products so expensive?

We have something for every budget, plus you can leave with your chosen image and frame included in your photoshoot package – there is no obligation to buy additional products.

Our UK based production team at Premier Image in Cheshire, have over 20 years’ experience of printing and hand framing personal moments. When you make an investment with us you are getting the absolute best in terms of quality from the experience, to the photography, to your final hand-finished products that use only the highest quality materials. A Venture frame is built to withstand the test of time and as such our prices reflect that.

Speak to your local studio about our payment options.

RevealDo you still have my photographs from a previous shoot to order from?

Unfortunately this is something we cannot guarantee, as each studio will hold your images for different amounts of time. Please check our studios to find the contact information for the studio you visited, or you can contact us here and select the studio from the drop down menu.

RevealDo you provide screws to go in the wall?

As every home and wall is different we do not provide the screws, however our teams are happy to advise on the best way and how to hang your frames. Contact your local studio for more information.

RevealI’ve taken part in a ‘portrait of the month’ competition and cant see where the picture is

Check out your studio’s social media profiles to find out more about their Portrait of the month competition. Can’t find it? Click here to find your studio to contact them directly.

RevealWhy do I have to wait 8 weeks for my product?

All of our products are handmade to order, and with 21 studios including our international studios we have many orders to fulfil. As well as this your products go through many stages of production and quality control before they are sent to your studio for collection.

RevealI have purchased an experience voucher and expected a gift box, where is it?

At checkout there is an option to receive a gift box in the post for an additional £6, if you did not select this option then you will only receive a digital gift voucher.

RevealCan I put my images in your frames?

This isn’t a service that we offer, however we have some amazing photoshoot packages available to purchase. Come visit us in the studio and update your home with some stunning Venture Studios images!

RevealCan I just buy a frame from you?

Unfortunately not, we specialise in framing your finished Venture photographs.

RevealCan I duplicate/copy/print my images?

If you have purchased the digital files from a studio then yes this is possible, however the photos cannot be used for commercial purposes.

RevealHow do I hang my product?

  • Ensure your hands are clean and you remove any rings you may be wearing.
  • Ensure you purchase the correct type of fitting for your wall and follow the product hanging instructions if any apply to your product.
  • The Fine Art Trade Guild recommend that framed products (which are strung) are hung using two hooks on the wall, each set about a quarter of the way in from each side. This helps to distribute the weight.
  • Try not to hang directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours photographic paper.
  • Ideally products should not be hung above a radiator, in extreme temperature or in humid or damp conditions.
  • Allow at least six months before hanging a product on a newly plastered wall.
  • Keep your product boxes and hanging templates, in case you move house in the future.

RevealDo your wall art pieces come with a warranty?

Yes – your Framed Gift or Wall hanging Venture Product is covered for damage under a three year warranty, if you have any issues with your product contact the studio you purchased it from and they will be able to advise or assist you. The product would normally be returned to the Venture Production facility for repair or replacement, this will be advised on an individual basis. The guarantee is valid three years from when the product is completed.

RevealWhat's the best way to handle my product?

  • When carrying and transporting your Venture product, ensure you do so in the original product boxes for safety. Holding the product firmly on both sides.
  • If you are moving house or in the position where you have to store your Venture product, make sure they are stored vertically and the right way up. Ideally in their original product boxes. If you have multiple products (not in boxes) ensure they are stored image to image so that the hangers do not damage the frames or images.
  • If you do move house take care to ensure you take the wall fittings off the wall and store safely for hanging in your new home.
  • If you are moving house and require products boxing to keep your Venture products safe, please call your studio a few weeks before you move and we can provide boxes for you.

RevealHow do I clean my product?

  • Dust with a very soft brush or clean lint free dry cloth. Do not use any water or cleaning fluids. If it is necessary to use a cleaning product for the glass (for framed products only), apply the cleanser to a cloth, rather than spraying directly onto the glass. Take care to ensure that the cleaner does not touch the frame.
  • If you own a frameless product dust with either a very soft brush or clean lint free dry cloth but starting at the centre of the image moving outwards. Take care not to brush the edges.