2024: The Leap Year of Love

This year is extra special – it’s a leap year, and tradition takes a leap too! Ladies, it’s your time to shine and take the lead in the most romantic way possible. At Venture, we’re embracing the empowerment of women by encouraging you to take charge of your love story.💍

Take that leap of love and propose to your special someone in a way that reflects your unique connection. This year is all about rewriting the rules and creating a memory that lasts a lifetime!

Do you dream of a magical proposal?

Would you like us to create the ambiance, in our studio, that suits your love story?

Would you like to share the joy and inspire others, by being featured on our social media platforms?

Your story could be the source of inspiration for couples around the world!

Register your details with us and let’s turn your proposal dream into a reality. Our team are here to ensure that your special moment is captured beautifully on camera, preserving the magic of your love!

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