Say Goodbye to Photo Anxiety

Capture Your Family’s Best Moments with Confidence

Are you one of those people who cringe at the thought of being in front of a camera? Do you find yourself hesitating to book that family photoshoot because you’re worried about how you’ll look? We understand. Many people feel uneasy about having their photo taken, but we’re here to change that. At Venture, we specialise in creating an environment where you and your family can feel relaxed, confident, and truly yourselves! How we do this…

Creating Perfect Lighting:

Great lighting is key to a stunning photograph. Our expert photographers know just how to manipulate light to enhance your features and create a warm, flattering glow. Whether it’s natural sunlight or carefully positioned studio lights, we’ll ensure that you’re always bathed in the most flattering light possible.

Mastering Photographic Techniques:

Photography is more than just pointing and shooting. Our team is skilled in a variety of photographic techniques to ensure that every image we capture is truly breathtaking. From creative compositions to artistic angles, we know how to showcase your family in the best possible light.

Finding Flattering Angles:

We understand that everyone has their own unique features, and we know how to highlight the best angles for each member of your family. Our photographers are experts at finding the most flattering perspectives to ensure that you look and feel your absolute best in every photograph.

Bespoke Sessions for Every Family:

No two families are alike, so why should your photoshoot be any different? At Venture, we believe in creating bespoke sessions that are tailored to suit your family’s individual style and personality. Whether you’re a large, boisterous family or a small, intimate one, we’ll work with you to create a photoshoot experience that’s uniquely yours.

Expertise in Handling Any Situation:

We’ve seen it all. From dogs who have accidents to children who are reluctant to participate, our photographers are trained to handle any situation with grace and professionalism. Our experienced team is adept at working with children with SEN, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for every member of your family. Whether it’s finding creative ways to keep the kids engaged or soothing a nervous pet, we’ll ensure that your photoshoot runs smoothly from start to finish.

Don’t let photo anxiety hold you back any longer. With Venture, you can finally feel confident in front of the camera and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Book your family photoshoot today and let us capture the magic of your unique family bond.

Our Customers Say It Best

Take a look at what our customers said about us this month…

“This was my second time visiting the studio for a shoot having done so almost 3 years ago.

I came to the studio with my 2 sons (5 & 2) on March 16th for a shoot that was part of a 40th birthday gift and we had Meg as our photographer.

My eldest son has ASD and quite often can become overwhelmed with new situations and meeting new people. Despite this, Meg was amazing with him and used a variety of techniques to keep him engaged and if he started becoming overwhelmed, she allowed him to wander off and do his own thing.

Her energy was infectious and never dipped throughout the shoot. She made it such a wonderful experience for us all and some of the images she has captured are just simply outstanding! She even made me look photogenic despite me being a hot mess having to chase around and coral 2 boys; that’s how good she is!

I would highly recommend the team here to anyone because the experience from start to finish has been faultless.”

William ★★★★★