Caring for your product


Ensure your hands are clean, and remove any rings you wear.

Ensure you purchase the correct type of fitting for your wall and follow the product hanging instructions if any apply to your product.

The Fine Art Trade Guild recommends that framed products (which are strung) are hung using two hooks on the wall, each set about a quarter of the way in from each side. This helps to distribute the weight.

Try to avoid hanging directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours photographic paper.

Ideally, products should not be hung above a radiator in extreme temperatures or humid or damp conditions.

Allow six months before hanging a product on a newly plastered wall.

Keep your product boxes and hanging templates in case you move house in the future.


We have a few top tips to help keep your precious memories in perfect condition.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your photographs is essential to showcase them in their best quality. Everyday dust can impact the appearance of your images. It’s best not to use kitchen rolls or tissues when dusting the screen, as they can leave particles behind that may scratch the glass or damage the frame. Microfiber cloths are the best cleaning accessories as they are free of particles that cause scratches and effectively remove dirt.

If you want to get your glass sparkling clean, it’s best to avoid using regular tap water instead of distilled water or a specialised glass cleaner. You’ll also want to steer clear of products that contain alcohol or ammonia, as they can attract dust and leave streaks.

When applying the cleaner, it’s recommended to spray it onto a cloth rather than directly onto the frames. This will help prevent moisture buildup in the corners. Finally, use a circular motion when wiping the glass to achieve a smooth, streak-free finish. With these simple tips, you can keep your glass looking brand new! Wipe the frames in a circular motion for an even clean.

A helpful cleaning tip is to use a damp cloth followed by a dry one to achieve the best results when cleaning with water.


When carrying and transporting your Venture product, ensure you do so in the original product boxes for safety. Holding the product firmly on both sides.

If you are moving house or in a position where you have to store your Venture product, ensure they are stored vertically and the right way up, ideally in their original product boxes. If you have multiple products (not in boxes), ensure they are kept image to image so that the hangers do not damage the frames or pictures.

If you move house, ensure you take the wall fittings off the wall and store them safely for hanging in your new home.

If you are moving house and require products boxing to keep your Venture products safe, please call your studio a few weeks before you move, and we can provide boxes for you.