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Bespoke Framing Service

Bespoke Framing by Venture Studios is a brand-new service for bespoke framing of artwork, memorabilia or treasured keepsakes.

It could be your baby’s first bib, a war medal from a beloved grandparent, a drawing from your child or a priceless collectible. Maybe a signed cricket bat, or some clothing worn by your favourite Hollywood star? As long as it’s not just a photograph, then we will frame it, whatever it’s size. It’s not about a templated system, we will work with you to design a beautiful, bespoke hand-made frame just for you, making your treasures safe and secure for generations to come.

All you need to do is fill in this form, and a representative at Venture Studio’s framers, Premier Image, will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and to give you a quote.

So, don’t leave that keepsake in the attic or under the stairs, make it the centre of attention it deserves in a stunning hand-made frame for everyone to see.

If you’re concerned about the value of your items then don’t be. When NASA memorabilia company Space Collective wanted their extraordinary moon landing collectibles framing, they came to Bespoke Framing, who have since framed everything from photographs signed by Buzz Aldrin to pieces of cloth and film from Apollo 13 that have actually been to the moon and back. So you can rest assured that your treasured items whether it's your baby's first shoes, a favourite collectible or a keepsake that your want to preserve, will be safe and sound in our care.

Sending Artwork/Items

  • We treat all items brought to us for framing with great care and respect at all times and our insurance will cover any unexpected loss or damage while your item is under our roof.
  • You should not send artwork/items for bespoke framing to us without our prior agreement.
  • You should ensure you package your artwork/items sufficiently and send via a signed for courier.
  • You are responsible for insuring it in transit.
  • Ideally, items that are irreplaceable and/or of sentimental value be brought to us in person. We can arrange collection and delivery to us following the additional carriage and insurance has been paid.
  • If you specify that we should use real glass for your mail order bespoke framing project, we strongly recommend that you collect the frame personally or it be sent via a professional art courier.
  • Important: If you insist that we send a framed, glazed item/artwork to you via our standard courier service, please note we will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur; you should arrange your own insurance cover.