March 2024

Styling Your Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot

Whether you’re a first-time mama glowing with anticipation or adding another precious chapter to your family story, you deserve to feel radiant during your maternity photoshoot.

The key to capturing this joy? Two essential ingredients: a beautiful studio bathed in luminous light, and hints and tips on what to wear to feel empowered.

Colour Scheme Ideas for Stunning Maternity & Newborn Photoshoots

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of photographing countless expecting mothers, and we’ve crafted this journey into a winning formula for stunning portraits. The first step? Choosing a colour palette that sings to your soul. This palette will become the foundation for outfits that make you feel like the queen you truly are. Get ready to shine!

While there’s no single;“best”;colour scheme for everyone, the ideal palette for your maternity photoshoot depends on several factors.

Let’s explore some ideas that will flatter you and set the scene for beautiful memories.

Embrace the classic tones

Neutral shades like soft creams, whites, greys, and tans create a timeless and elegant backdrop. They flatter all skin tones and pair beautifully with natural elements or pops of colour. They will give your images a timeless elegance with a touch of modern freshness.

Earth Tones are not one to forget. Warm shades like blush, peach, sage, and mustard evoke a natural, earthy feel. These colours photograph well with either gender and complement a bohemian or rustic setting.

A beautiful neutral colour palette that you can use for either gender.

Play with pops of colour

If you’re looking for something a little brighter to capture your new arrival, a pop of colour is something worth thinking about. Colour pop is the perfect style to create eye-catching portraits that will make a statement on any wall in your home. We can work with you to select the perfect colours to complement the room the portraits will be displayed in. Whether it’s a nursery, playroom or mantle piece, the colour will;really stand out.

Matching magic? Not always

While coordinating colours with your partner or newborn can be cute, matching exactly isn’t necessary. Opt for complementary colours or use the same colour family in different shades for a cohesive look.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid busy patterns that might compete with the focus of the photos – you and your baby!
  • Think about the season and choose colours that evoke the feeling you want.
  • Most importantly, pick colours that you love and feel confident in!

Remember, the best colour scheme is the one that reflects your unique style and creates a beautiful backdrop for capturing this precious time. Don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with your photographer – they can help you achieve the perfect palette for your maternity and newborn shoot!