September 2022

Welcome Autumn into your home

Bringing the outside in

Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to many. This is mainly down to the fact that we can style our oversized pieces, whip out the blankets and light those warm-smelling candles that we adore. It’s the season where nights start to draw in, the temperatures drops, leaves begin to fall and coffee shops debut pumpkin-spice everything! We’re spoiled with events – think Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas – and sequins are a must!

The time is right to think about transforming your home, wardrobe and mindset from summer and making everything feel warm and cosy. Winter months it when you can slow down a little, so why not bring a sense of calm and mindfulness into your everyday lives. Below we have collated some examples of how you can bring Autumn into your home with a few easy and simple tricks.


Patterns and Textures

By adding layers, patterns and textures it can automatically make a room feel more cosy and welcoming. This could be as simple as adding a knitted blanket or a faux fur rug, to introducing woven baskets or even a plaid chair. Anything wool or cashmere will also bring out that autumnal vibe in a room. By adding layers and textures, it will instantly give you that cosier vibe, and make it all that easier to snuggle up on a dusk autumn evening

*Photography Tip* bring your fluffy blankets in for your newborn photoshoot and your photographer will snuggle up your little one whilst adding texture to your images;


Accessories and Decorations

Not that we ever need persuading to visit a garden centre but… your local one is a great place to start when looking for autumn accessories to bring into your home. Pumpkins whether they be real or fake, big or small, are always a great choice when sprinkling around your home. We like to bring in a mixture of burnt orange pumpkins, mixed with an off-white to create that autumn vibe. Other items that work well during this time of year are apples, pears, wheat, crispy leaves, and acorns.;

What’s great about these items is most of them are either inexpensive or free, as you can find some of them in your back garden! Go outside and chop a few branches/leaves from a nearby tree, or pumpkin picking is a great tradition and the pumpkins are usually a lot cheaper from your local farmer

*Photography Tip* bring those little pieces you’ve found to your family photography session and ask your photographer to incorporate them into your photo shoot. Not only are they fun to work with, but you can easily bring Autumn into your home using a gorgeous piece of framed art featuring the family.


Colour Palette;

This is a biggie and something our photographers love to talk about with their clients. The right colour palette can tell a story with no words needed. When using yellows, greens and baby blues, it immediately gives off a summer, airy vibe. When using rustic browns and oranges these colours project warmth, earthy and nature vibes. For autumn we suggest using oranges, browns, beiges, and deep greens and reds as utilising these colours will bring autumn indoors and create a homely environment. We have also highlighted below what each colours meal, and how they can affect your overall mood:

Brown: Associated with stability and a down-to-earth sensation

Dark Green: is a tone used to signify harmony and revitalisation as well as being linked to natural and woodsy shades

Orange: can bring out feelings of happiness, vitality and enthusiasm.

Beige: the colour of elegance, calm, softness and simplicity

Yellow: an energetic colour that stands for spontaneity, happiness and sunshine

Take inspiration from our gallery.

*Photography Tip* think about the perfect colours and hues you would like to compliment your decor and let your photographer know – an autumnal shade will add warmth and happiness into any room.


Dried Flowers and Leaves

If you’re on a budget try drying some of your flowers from summer or collecting some of the crispy brown leaves that have fallen from a tree. If you’re wanting to spend a little more money try a bouquet of dried false flowers from a florist. You will be able to select a colour to match your colour palette, however, we suggest going for an earthy brown tone

*Photography Tip* Let nature take over your photoshoot and bring in Autumnal leaves to add movement and texture to your family photoshoot.


So there you have it, all of the hints, tips and tricks for bringing Autumn into your home. Don’t forget to speak to your photographer before your Venture experience, as they will be able to work with you to bring the perfect items to make your finished pieces autumn ready!