October 2023

Autumn Style Guide | Venture Studios

Fall into Style With Our Ultimate Autumn Photoshoot Wardrobe Guide πŸ“ΈπŸ‚

As the leaves change and autumn arrives, it’s the perfect time for a cosy family photoshoot. In this blog, we’ve put together a guide to help you and your little ones look your best for your upcoming session. From wellies to warm coats, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Wellies for Playful Moments

Showcase some stylish yet practical wellies suitable for kids and parents! Wellies can add a playful touch to your photoshoot, especially if there’s previous puddle-jumping mud already on them.

Your Favourite Blanket for Comfort

Bringing a fluffy blanket to your family photoshoot adds warmth and texture, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere, that beautifully complements the autumnal family aesthetic. Making for picture-perfect memories and super sweet moments.

Matching with Your Furry Friend 🐾

We always encourage pet owners to coordinate their outfits with their beloved pets. Create adorable everlasting images by colour coordinating or wearing matching accessories. We promise, you won’t forget a colour matching story with your beloved pet!

Wooly Hat Chic

Showcase your trendy wooly hats this season, perfect for mum, dad and the kids to rock. Hats can add warmth and style to your autumn look and are super easy to pack in your travel bag.

Cosy Jumpers

Feel snug and stylish this autumn. Not only does a jumper immediately make you feel warm and snuggly, but it also infuses your images with that autumnal charm.


Autumnal Makeup Ideas

Bringing an autumn makeup palette to your family photoshoot adds warm and earthy tones to your look, whilst effortlessly blending with the seasonal backdrop, and enhancing the overall autumnal ambiance for stunning photos.

Thick Coats and Gloves

Thick coats and gloves ensures that everyone stays cosy and comfortable in the crisp autumn air, allowing for natural, relaxed expressions that capture the true essence of the season.

Autumnal colours (such as burnt orange accents)

Bringing items in, that are autumnal colours infuses your photography session with the warm and rich hues of the season, creating a visually captivating and harmonious autumnal vibe that truly reflects the beauty of autumn.

There you have it, your Autumn What to Wear Guide for your upcoming family photoshoot! We hope these styling ideas inspire you to create lasting memories, in the most beautiful season of the year. Ready to turn your family’s autumn moments into timeless treasures?

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