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In our last article we discovered that National Baby Day is celebrated globally on May 2nd. But babies are to be celebrated all year round and in this article we look at how to get the best photos of your baby.

Babies grow so fast and every moment is precious, so it’s really important to have plenty of good quality photographs for you to remember these happy times in days to come.

First we’ll look at some tips for your own baby photography that will help you to get that elusive perfect shot. We’ll then explain what to expect if you decide to take your baby for a professional photoshoot.

Five tips for home baby photography

  • 1. It’s all about the timing
    As any parent will know, there are times when your baby is wonderful: peaceful, happy and smiling. But other times when he or she is tired and grizzly. So the most important thing for baby photography at home is to be flexible and keep your camera close. Keep on the lookout for when your baby seems most settled and content, and get those good shots while you have the opportunity.
  • 2. Location location location
    Whilst you need to be on the lookout and get the shots while you can, it’s also a great idea to take some photos in those locations that you know you will want to remember in years to come. Think of it as telling a story about everything to do with the new addition to your family, including their first home and nursery. In future this will help you to relive your feelings about welcoming your new baby into your life.
  • 3. Get the light right
    Also remember to seek out the best lighting for your photographs. Natural light is lovely for babies so you need to think about where the windows are facing and what time of day it is when you take your shots, to be sure you’ll have a good enough light for the shot that you want.
  • 4. What to wear?
    You are likely to want a range of photographs, perhaps some of the baby naked and wrinkly, and others in some of the outfits that you love the most. Either way, for very young babies a little hat such as a beanie can be helpful if their heads are still a little misshapen. For older babies you may want to include props such as a favourite toy or something artistic – see our article The Best Baby Photography Props for ideas.
  • 5. Up close and personal
    As well as some wide shots, do have a go at getting in close and focusing on some of the small details. Your baby will only be so tiny for a short period of time so it can be wonderful to get close up shots of single body parts such as hands or feet. Such shots can create a very tender and intimate effect, and also highlight the way that your world has become revolved around this brand new little person.
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What to expect at a professional baby photography session

As well as taking your own shots, it can be a real treat to have a professional photoshoot of your baby. But many parents are a little daunted by the prospect of taking their little one to a photography studio. They worry about it being stressful for the baby or that the photos will not come out well if the baby is a little fractious or off colour.

Well there is no need to worry. Venture’s newborn photography experience is especially geared up for babies under two weeks old. Our highly trained photographers are used to working with small babies – in fact they love it! And our state-of-the-art studios are fully equipped to create a calm and trusting environment for you all.

You will also be reassured to hear that the session is not rushed. It can last up to two hours which provides plenty of time for feeding and cuddling whenever it’s needed. In fact we usually find that babies sleep contentedly throughout, in the warm cosy environment. This enables us to help you to position them into some gorgeous poses that you will love to look back on.

For older babies and other children we have a range of family photography experiences available that would be ideal for creating some wonderful photos of individuals and also the family together. Each session includes plenty of time for your family to have fun together whilst our photographer expertly captures the moments forever. You will then be given a photograph of your choice to keep; either in a stylish frame or as wall art, depending on the package.

So why not make time to make sure you have some wonderful photographs of your baby in these early days of your life together as a family? We would love to meet you at Venture Studios and help you to create some precious memories to treasure forever.