August 2015

Bump to Baby: Pregnancy Shoots

Receiving the news that you are expecting is one of the greatest things anyone could possibly imagine. Been pregnant is an experience that you should embrace and enjoy; your body changes and adapts in a way that you could never possibly dream off. All off a sudden you are not only thinking about yourself anymore- but you have a new life that forms and is created from you! This is an experience that is amazing to capture, so that you never forget how your body developed to provide your baby with the nutrients it needs to grow into a successful adult (eventually way down the line). With this said, been pregnant is a natural and beautiful experience that you should cherish. 9 months might sound like a long time, but it goes by so fast you wonder how you got from 4 weeks pregnant, to you meeting the little guy in the delivery room.

Therefore it is important to capture and cherish these precious moments- and what better way than having your bump photographed and placed on the wall as a beautiful memory off the progress you went through.

Some mothers may feel self-conscious when it comes too been pregnant, and generally women don’t feel very sexy during this time. But just because you may not feel at your best, don’t let this put you off. Our pregnancy images are some of the best ones Venture have! Our pregnancy shoots truly capture and tell the story of your family; our fantastic studio team have captured some beautiful images of bump and family and individual bump shots.

Whether you have a pregnancy shoot booked in with us, or you are considering coming in for a session, we have some fantastic tips on how to truly capture the perfect shot.

1. Wear something that you feel comfortable in – remember this day is all about you, no one else. It is really important that you feel relaxed and at ease in the session, if you are feeling uncomfortable this will show in the images.

2. Simplistic- The beauty of a mother anticipating the arrival of her child should be captured in a natural environment- we don’t need fuss to tell your story. The more simple the photograph, the more attention and will be on the bump.

3. Don’t forget the rest of the family- A bump shoot doesn’t need or require the shoot to be solo; a baby creates a family unit so bring the siblings or even the dog along to the shoot! We want to tell your story!

4.Try something different! – We have created some fantastic imagery using simple and traditional forms of pregnancy shoots, but we have also had fantastic shoot doing something different! Just remember to have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously… let us do the work and you enjoy your session!

5. Dad – It’s always lovely to get a shoot with dad as well; just because Dad isn’t carrying the little guy it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to get involved! Often men can get into the session more than the mums! We love to highlight the love and tender relationship between mum and dad. This is also great for when you baby grows up, he/she can look back at just how happy they made mum and dad when receiving the news!

6. Be honest-If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable with during the shoot, let us know! We pride ourselves on ensuring that you receive the best service and truly enjoy your session with us. Your photographer will ring you before the session and this is a great time to let him/her know if there is anything in particular you do or don’t want to do.

There is nothing better than looking on the wall and seeing the beautiful memory of the time you were pregnant. It’s a memory that you never want to forget. Capture the beautiful moments, remember the time you gained as much weight as you wanted and no one could say a word, and cherish the memories through the good and bad times!

If you are interested in a bump to baby pregnancy shoot, explore our photoshoot packages.