June 2016

Capture Your Family!

In the UK we have just celebrated Father’s Day. A special day for many of us who either still have our own father with us or who are parents ourselves and have been able to spend the day with our own children. However you celebrated on June 20th, we hope that you had a wonderful time!

But perhaps it is now already becoming a distant memory? The socks or aftershave or CD may still be a physical reminder of your time together but what about when they are consigned to history …. what will still remain as a memory to treasure?

Whilst your happy family celebration is still fresh in your mind why not decide to arrange something that will be a permanent memento for all the family? A family photoshoot experience would not only be an ideal opportunity for some more special time together but would also capture those moments forever in beautiful photographs that you can all treasure for years to come.

A family photoshoot can be a fun experience for all the family if you choose the right photographer to do it for you. At Venture for example, we pride ourselves on putting people at east so that the photographs can capture the spirit of who you are and tell your story as a family. We love to find out what makes you smile, and to portray your character and passion in our photographs.

You can choose different styles of photographs from your Venture family photoshoot experience – Iconic, Statement, Monochrome or Signature . Then after the photoshoot we will welcome you back for a personal viewing of the resulting photographs: and promise that you will be delighted at how they bring your story to life.

So, if you are interested in organising a family photoshoot experience then don’t put it off: make it happen! We’re all full of good intentions and, before you know it, it will be next Father’s Day already and it still won’t have happened! Make this the year that you record your happy memories to enjoy forever!