February 2016

All Grown Up with The Chambers family

Getting the most out of older children for a family portrait photograph can be a hard task. Firstly getting everyone to be in the same room at the same time is a task in itself! There can be work commitments, social life’s to battle with, phones (yes we know that trying to get teenagers off their phone is a rather difficult subject to combat), getting everyone to feel comfortable in front of the camera… there are all sorts. But one of our many skills, are how hugely experienced our photographers are, they are truly brilliant in capturing each member of a family’s personality and bringing out your unique family dynamic.

Family playing together in a group

As your children start senior school they really start to define who they are as individuals with many milestones being marked along the way. This is why it is such an important time to capture those memories, even though things will change as the children grow up, it’s always refreshing and heart-warming to look back at photographs you all had together. Becoming a teenager, sporting achievement, graduating from senior school, starting college and eventually going off to university or starting a job are some of the many moments which make your children and family unique.

When the Chambers family came to visit Venture Studios, they wanted a family photograph that really showed their true personalities- they even brought in their dog and pet snake! “It’s nice to have this bonding together.”

Before the session Agatha (The Chambers photographer) called the family to find out what they wanted to get out of the session, how the family dynamic worked and to really get to know the family before they came into the studio, “the session was made special because Agatha went through what we wanted”“She had so much patience working with all of us and the animals”.

It was really important that the photographer captured the family’s bonding with one another. A particular special bond was one of the older son’s bonding with his pet snake- their friendship was something really special to see and the images were stunning, “It’s not a 5 minute thing it’s an investment“.

After the shoot the Chambers family were asked how they felt after their session and their feedback was incredible…

“They make you feel important because it is an important time for yourself”

“I would use venture for any occasion that is important to me- because I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else”

… And we couldn’t wait to have them back for their viewing!!

With everyone sat in one of our cinematic viewing rooms, huddled around the plasma TV with a cup of tea in hand, the Chambers family eagerly awaited their final images…“The viewing session was made personal”. The viewing session is often an emotional experience as the family get to see their family bond in a beautiful presentation, this is the time that memories often come flooding back and you start to really appreciate the time you spend with one another.

“The venture experience is like capturing a moment in time that you don’t get back again”

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