August 2019

That Back to School Feeling!!

Celebrate the new school year with family photography from Venture Studios…

Can you believe we are approaching the big Back to School already?!

You often hear that time seems to pass more quickly as you get older: the explanation being that each year is a smaller proportion of your life. But it really does feel like 2019 is flying past. It hardly seems two minutes since schools broke up for summer and here we are almost in September.

There is always something exciting about Back to School. Perhaps even more so than New Year, it feels like a fresh start. With the changing of the season, and the summer holidays behind us, there often comes a determination to do better and try harder at whatever our particular current mission may be. A lot of this can be traced back to our school days: in many ways we seem automatically programmed to reboot in September.

C 17 027

However, much of this realisation comes with hindsight: years after we have left school. We can tend to look back on our school days through rose tinted glasses. But through the years we are actually at school, Back to School can be rather daunting and scary: something to dread rather than savour. The lazy hazy days of summer are coming to an end, and all we can see ahead are long dark mornings when we have to drag ourselves out of bed, go to school and do lots of hard and boring work instead of enjoying ourselves.

Moreover, if we are starting a new school then we are about to take a huge step into the unknown. No matter how many other pupils we already know, there will be new people to meet – and maybe we won’t like all of them. Perhaps rumours abound of cruel initiation rites for newbies, or of mean teachers who give you far too much homework.

Leo Francis

So if you have one or more children who are about to go Back to School – particularly if they are starting a new school – then how about making it a cause for celebration? The more you can do to keep them positive and give them confidence, the better. Whether they are taking their first steps at nursery or about to head off to Sixth Form College, they need to know that you are right there beside them.

One way to do this is to organise a family photography session with Venture Studios. This will be a fun day out for you to have all together. It is a brilliant opportunity to tell your story and reinforce the fact that you are a tribe: a tribe who love each other and will support each other through thick and thin. It will be a powerful and happy memory for your child to take with them to that first day at school, and will make them feel loved and special.

Not only that, but in years to come both you and they will be able to look back on photographs from this time in their lives and be transported right back here again. Perhaps by then they will also have managed to put on the rose tinted glasses and think of their school days with fondness and nostalgia.

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So why not take the first step towards creating #memoriesforever and book your Back to School family photography experience with Venture Studios?

You can either book your family photography experience online, contact your nearest Venture Studio or call us on 0845 121 1085.

Good luck with the big Back to School! We hope that everything goes well, and would love to welcome you and your family to Venture Studios, and help you to create #memoriesforever.