December 2020

How will you remember 2020?

Capture your memories with photography from Venture Studios

As we go about our everyday lives, we rarely stop and think that we are, in fact, making history. Our daily routines – and all the little things that seem just normal to us at the moment – will gradually change. In years to come, we will look back on things as they were now, and realise how our lives are very different.

That’s why it’s so important to make the most of every moment, and capture the special times with photos that will help us remember life as it is today. Photography really does create memories that will last forever.

You may think that you don’t want to remember any of 2020! It has been a difficult year in so many ways. But it is important that we do remember, for two reasons.

Firstly, everything that has happened in 2020 has become part of our family’s history, whether we like it or not. No matter what plans have had to be changed this year, and what challenges and sad times we have had to cope with, 2020 is a year of our lives that we won’t get back.

Secondly, we are living through one of the most significant global events in living memory. Children of the future will be taught in school about the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. They will be asked to imagine what it must have been like to live through these times of lockdown, tiers, face masks: all the things that have become part of our daily lives during 2020.

Earlier in the year, UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) released a statement saying that “it is essential that we ensure that a complete record of the COVID-19 pandemic exists, so that we can prevent another outbreak of this nature or better manage the impact of such global events on society in the future.”

So it’s important that we ensure that we do remember 2020. Because we are making history.


Venture Studios Journal for a Time Capsule

Earlier this year, we produced a journal to help children in particular to record and remember how life was in 2020. This is available to download here. It could be an interesting activity to do together as a family over the Christmas holidays: an opportunity to reflect on what 2020 has been like, and look ahead to better times in 2021.

The journal includes plenty of space for photographs from 2020, and these will be particularly poignant in years to come. In our recent article Every Picture Tells a Story, we explored the power of photography, and the ability of images to create empathy with others. Images enable us to connect with others and imagine what it would be like to walk in their shoes.

So when the children of the future – your grandchildren, great grandchildren and their children too – learn about the 2020 global pandemic, your memories and photographs will help them understand more about what life was really like in 2020.

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Celebrate the end of Covid-19

Of course, the children of the future will know how the story ends. They will also be able to fast forward through the difficult months of 2020 to learn about how the pandemic was finally brought under control, and what happened to peoples’ lives then.

Things that we have yet to experience. But we will.

So as 2020 draws to a close, why not plan to celebrate the end of Covid-19 with some extra special family photographs? A Venture Studios photography experience is the ideal Christmas gift either for you and your family, or for other family members or friends.

We have a wonderful range of photography experiences available, and they are valid for 6 months from the time of booking. There really is something for everyone.

So why not take a browse through Venture’s photography experiences and book one either for your own family or as a gift? What better way to celebrate getting through 2020 and looking ahead to a brighter future in 2021?

Happy Christmas from all of us at Venture Studios, and may 2021 be your best year yet.