August 2015

16 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

Two dogs smiling and nuzzling each other

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dog? When you are hungry or ill, or just want a cuddle, it’s easy as humans to communicate to one another to solve the problem and get what you need. However this is not as easy for your pooch. They can’t easily tell you that they ‘want a new chew toy’ or that they need feeding, and they can’t tell you when they have toothache!

When we watch our little pups sleep it’s easy to wonder what they are dreaming off, and wonder if we are making him happy. That’s why we as pet owners have to look out for the signs that our little friends are healthy and enjoying themselves- we have to analyse why they are barking and what they want. Below are 16 different ways to keep your dog happy, healthy and brighten his day!

1. Make sure you play with your pet each day – whether it is with a dog toy, an old sock, or even just chasing him around the living room! Your dog doesn’t understand when you have had a bad day at the office, or you haven’t had enough sleep- playing with your pet can improve both yours and his day!

2. Feed him or her like the prince or princess they are!– Remember dogs need all of the right nutrients too. A good quality pet food will be high in nutrients and will promote keeping your dog healthy. Our pet competition allows the winners to win a year’s supply of pet food from the high quality brand Oscar…

“To truly Optimise Nutrition – we only add supplements that are from a natural source and that are proven to be beneficial to your pet family’s health and well-being”-

3.Walk your dog every day – Not only is this good for exercising and ensuring they are healthy, but it is also good for your dog as they can smell new smells and experience new adventures! Allow your dog to sniff… dogs love to sniff; it helps them discover new facts about their world.

4. Keep him well hydrated – It is important that your dog has clean, fresh water every day. If the weather is hot, change the water bowl 3-4 times, it is extremely dangerous to allow your dog to become dehydrated.

5. Treat your best friend for fleas – You wouldn’t want to be itching all day right? Well neither does your pooch. You can either buy flea tablets or cream from your local pet stores or you can take him to the vet and they will happily assist.

6. Worming – exactly the same as fleeing your dog, they need to be treated for worms as well!

7. Toys toys toys– dogs LOVE new toys and things to play with! Therefore, when you are leaving the house to go to work in a morning, or just to go out, make sure you leave your dog with his favourite toy. A great example of this is leaving your pooch with a Kong and only allowing him to have it once you go out. This then makes going out fun and your dog is no longer anxious about you leaving, but in fact he is excited!

*Trick- Fill your pooch’s Kong with peanut butter and doggy treats then put it in the freezer. Just before you leave, give your pooch his Kong and he will spend hours playing with it and trying to get the treats out. He will spend that long trying to lick the yummy peanut butter, that once he has accomplished his mission, he will be so tired that it will be time to take a nap!*

8. Spay or neuter– Neutered pets often lead longer, healthier lives. And it’s good to know that you’re doing your part to prevent pet overpopulation (and reducing the risk of them marking)

9.Clip their nails!– When a dogs nails get too long, this can cause discomfort for your pet and can even lead to bad back posture! Check with your vet on easy ways to clip your dog’s nails.

10.Keep your dog’s teeth clean – You can do these two ways- either brush your pooch’s teeth with a doggy toothbrush or you can buy dog treats for gum disease such as Dentist Sticks!

11. Get him groomed– Not only will this generate less fur around the house, but it will also keep your dog cooler and feel happier. We all know how good we feel after having our hair cut right? – well your dog gets the same feeling

12. Make cuddle time– You’ll be surprised how dogs pick up on their human’s emotions. Have you ever noticed how when you cry at that sad film, your dog jumps on your lap and licks your face? Or when you are laughing at a friend’s joke and he starts to chase his tail with excitement? This is all because dogs react to their owner’s behaviour, so spending half an hour giving your pooch kisses and cuddles can completely make his day!

13.Scraps – Say no to left over scraps and yes to a long walk and a yummy dog treat. Keeping your dog slim will help prevent lots of diseases and illness’ that some dogs get from been over weight.

14. Take a trip – Whether it’s a drive out to the country or a quick run to the park down the road, your dog will love the change of scenery

15. Dogs just want to make their humans happy – So teaching your dog new tricks challenges and strengthens the bond with your dog. Studies have actually shown that dogs bond with their humans in a similar way that babies do with their parents and naturally they want to please you.

16. Rules!– Remember a dog that has clear rules and boundaries will be a happier and better behaved pooch. Dogs like to have boundaries, it gives them a routine to go by and they feel safe. In addition they enjoy receiving treats when they have done something right. A dog should always know his place and know that you are boss- it might sound cruel and he might be your best friend, but trust me, this keeps both you and him happy.

Be a best friend to your pooch. He might be only a part of your life, but for him you are his whole life! Remember you can enter our ‘What Makes Your Faithful Friend Part of the Family’ competition at any of our Venture Studios! For more information on this competition, click on the link below.

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