September 2015

The Day in a Life as a Bird

Bird of prey on a branch

Here at Venture Studios we welcome all kinds of animals to our photo sessions, and why not bring your pet bird along? We currently have a pet competition ‘What Makes Your Faithful Friend Part of the Family’, where we are encouraging people to get involved with a variety of different animals and pets! The lucky winners of each category will win their pet a year’s supply of pet food! Again… why not get your flappy friend involved? He’ll thank you later!

But whilst we are on the topic of unique pets, it can be difficult to understand what your pet bird needs in order to make the both of you happy. Let’s face it, they can’t turn around and tell you they need fresh water. So how do we ensure our birds are happy and content? Research, time and love… all three things will help make sure your faithful friend is enjoying his/her life. Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that some parrot species have the emotional complexity of a 5 year old child? As hard as it is to believe, this is true, and caring for such intelligent creatures can be hard work. Below are our little secrets to ensure your bird never has to deal with boredom and depression.

1. Cages and toys- It is important to ensure that you choose the most appropriate cage and toys for your bird. The cage should be designed specifically for the type of bird you own (if you owned a parrot you wouldn’t buy him/her a budgie cage). This will ensure that they have enough space and feel comfortable in there safe area. Bird owners can’t always spend hours after hours playing with their feather friends, as everyone has different commitments! However, there are certain tricks that you can do to keep your bird happy. Make sure your bird is entertained throughout the day and during the times that you can’t provide attention. It is important to acknowledge that birds are like toddlers and they enjoy playing with toys. Therefore it’s a great idea to own a wide selection of bird appropriate toys. Like toddlers, birds can become bored of their toys; therefore if you keep a wide selection you can rotate the different toys on different days, in order to keep them fresh and interesting.

2.Healthy Diet- By feeding your bird a healthy diet can help improve their lifespan, teeth, and health. It is however, very important to do thorough research into the specific bird that your own. For example you may not feed a parrot and a blue bird the same food. Bird experts have expressed how beneficial it is to feed your parrot fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables, in order to improve health and happiness. Feeding your bird a variety of different bird friendly foods will cause excitement and mental stimulation in your feathered friend.

3. Socialise- Every pet enjoys attention and socialising. Think about… who would want to sit on their own 24 hours a day? It is essential to provide your bird with the correct amount of time and attention; otherwise you will end up with an extremely sad, neglected and unhealthy bird. Experts say that you should set aside a minimum of 3 – 4 hours per day to handle and play with your bird in order to produce a happy and well-adjusted pet.

4.Exercise- It is common knowledge that in the wild birds will get all of the exercise that they need by flying, searching for food and protecting themselves from predators. They can fly for as long as they feel they need, with very little restrictions. However, in captivity it can be very difficult to provide your bird with the exercise that they require and need. Therefore, it is important to allow your bird to fly around the house for a significant amount of time each day. This itself can be challenging as you must ensure that all windows are closed and doors are shut, to prevent your bird from escaping. Some people create exercise outlets, where they can monitor and control the area your bird can fly. This will keep your feather friend in a great physical condition, but it will also ensure that they are mentally stimulated, happy and content in your home.

5. Tricks- By teaching your bird new tricks will both entertain yourself and your bird, it will keep your friend mentally stimulated, improve happiness and it will also create a strong bond between yourself and your feather friend. It is better to keep your training sessions short, fun and consistent in order to get the most out of your pet. With practice and patience, you will have one happy, cleaver and healthy bird

Think your bird has what it takes to win our Pet Competition? Then head over to our competition page to find out more information on how to enter. The winner will win a year’s supply of the high quality and nutritious pet food supplied by OSCAR, the number one pet food supplier. They also provide a helpline where they offer free behaviour & nutritional advice! There incredible experts and specialists help ensure your pet gets the best of the best!

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