February 2019

Meet Venture Studios *Leamington Spa*

The best place for family photography !

Today we continue our mini series about some of our studios around the UK by taking a look at Venture Studios in Leamington Spa.

When Venture Studios in Leamington Spa opened in August 2005, who could have known that it was not just the beginning of one studio but of a whole chain of events that has since resulted in another two Venture Studios!

The man behind it all is Chris Barber. Chris started out as a freelance extreme sport and motorsport photographer predominantly focusing on motorbike sports at many international events. At the age of 22 he launched Venture Leamington and has since successfully steered it through the turbulent waters of a growth and recession economy.

13 years later a unit became available in Birmingham that allowed Chris and his team to expand the focus from social and family photography into car and motorbike photography. Venture Birmingham has proved to be tremendously successful; with its Pride and Joy Motor Experiences filling a huge gap in the market.

As we saw in our last article, the same opportunity for motorbikes and families has recently become available in Leicestershire, and Venture Leicester was opened on February 1st.

Despite all the time and effort being poured into opening two new studios, Venture Studios in Leamington Spa also scooped the Studio of the Year award in 2017. Specialising in families, kids, pets, fashion, corporate and motorbike studio photography, Venture Leamington has built up a deserved reputation for creating stunning images that convey the story of each and every customer that comes through their doors – so far over 20,000 people!

So Venture Leamington is a very busy place! But Chris Barber still manages to find time for charity work. This year he is completing various challenges for Macmillan, including 1 million metres on the rowing machine, walking all of Hadrian’s Wall (82 miles), and trekking to the highest mountain in North Africa (4,000m)!

Fortunately he is supported at Venture Studios in Leamington Spa by a very talented team, some of whom have worked with Venture for 15 years. In fact their combined Venture career age is equivalent to 55 years and the team includes some of the most highly award decorated and respected people in the industry.

The management team is headed up by Jo in Sales, Claire in Photography, Emily in Diary and Nick in production and digital artwork. The entire team is over 20 people – including 10 highly skilled photographers.

Each and every one of the team is passionate about photography, fully committed to the Venture brand and loves to capture the individual character of every customer; to tell their unique story in the way that it deserves to be told.

Venture Studios in Leamington Spa – often imitated, never bettered.

To find out more about Venture Leamington, you can call us on 01926 426677, email us at leamingtonspa@venturephotography.co.uk, or check us out on Facebook.