February 2016

A Photoshoot with the Mullin Family- The Young Ones

Sleepy baby giving a big yawn


As a parent we know that as our young ones start to grow up and go from the toddler stage, to the young child stage, we start to see little characteristics pop out and show. This is such an exciting age for both parent and child, because we get to witness what kind of things your child is into, we get to watch their personalities develop, and we see the hobbies and interests that will help mould your child to be the best they can be.

This is a great time to come in for a photoshoot with Venture, because there are so many potential ideas and props that can be brought in to bring out your child’s personality. The photographers are highly trained to catch the best moments whilst your child is acting naturally, whether this be running around, playing football, wrestling with their siblings; we can confidently say that our photographers have many years of experience in capturing these valuable moments!

The Mullin family came to visit one of our studios for an exciting family photoshoot. Mum, Dad and 3 boys attended the shoot (one being a new-born at the time) –“the importance off the shoot was to get pictures of my 3 boys and see how our family love each other as much as they do” and this is exactly what our photographer did.

“I was actually pregnant at the time, it was supposed to be a baby bump photo shoot but the present came early and we had a new born baby shoot”

As mum was supposed to have a bump to baby shoot, we still wanted to capture that precious moment between mum and baby. This shoot was particularly valuable as we could now capture the whole family and the three boys together. Getting two active boys to stand still is no easy task- but why should they? We want to capture the moments that are natural and show your true personality! Therefore The Mullin family boys were told to play and have fun during the shoot “the boys had an absolute ball”, and it was quite clear that they did just that! As for mum, she thought “it was nice for me and Mark to see the boys playing”.

We managed to capture an absolute gorgeous moment of the three boys, when one the older brothers kissed their baby brother on the head. These are the type of moments that you can’t get back, but when captured in a Venture photoshoot, you can have that image forever.

“They couldn’t do anymore for us”

After the photoshoot, The Mullin family left with huge smiles on their faces and awaited their viewing session the following week. During this time our highly trained digital retouches put together the family’s best images, and tweak those slight imperfections. Remember when you forgot to take that bobble of your wrist during the shoot? No worries- we’ll get that removed for you!!

The Mullin Family couldn’t wait for their viewing, so much so that they said “it actually brought a tear to my eye whilst I was watching them” (them being the photos). “The viewing was made special with the music, there was no rushing and we had as long as we wanted”. Patience is the key in the viewing area, it is important that as a family you can carefully view your images and pick out ones that really stand out to you and the ones that truly capture what your family is about.

As for the images they selected, what did everyone else think of them? Well… “Everybody comes in, sees it and comments how lovely they are”.

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