September 2023

Welcoming a new pet to the family

Picture this. It’s a lazy Sunday morning sometime in September. The summer heat has finally eased up enough for you to switch off the fans and cuddle up in bed. You’ve had a wonderfully long lie in (for the first time in maybe four years) and your pet comes in and plonks themself on your lap.;

It’s breakfast time, 9 AM to the second, so you drag yourself out of bed after being squashed in a furry hug. You pop on your dressing gown and slide on your worn slippers (you’re waiting for your customary new Christmas slippers). Downstairs is dark and cosy before you twist open the blinds, letting light into your beautiful home. You turn to head into the kitchen and pause for a moment.

In the middle of your wall, above your sofa, is a sleek black frame. Your middle-aged pet is pictured in the centre, a tiny new being to the world, asleep and cuddled up in a blanket. A tear comes to your eye as you look down and see them sitting beside you, looking up with wide eyes. A look of pure love.

When did you get so big?

At Venture, we capture their smallness so that you’ll never forget those beautiful first moments of pure joy. When they’ve grown into their personalities, wouldn’t it be special to have a permanently framed photo of their earliest memories? Well, we have a package for exactly that.

We’re a nation of animal lovers. Our pets are treasured members of our families, loved just as much as the humans in our lives. So, at Venture Studios, we positively encourage you to bring your animal companions along for a photoshoot – with the rest of the family or a solo shoot of their own – and we will capture their personality and some stunning portraits for you to take home.

Discover more about our newly launched Newborn Pet photoshoot experience below:

What is included in a Venture pet photoshoot experience?

A bespoke one-hour photoshoot

Stunning images captured by one of our highly skilled photographers

If you want some gorgeous images of you and your pet together, we’ll have lots of time to capture those special bonds

A relaxed and spacious studio – with plenty of room for you pet to show off their true style

Voucher emailed to you immediately after purchase

Gift box option available for just £6

Return visit for a private cinematic viewing of all your images

Your chosen image with complimentary 7″ x 5″ table top frame worth £95

Opportunity to purchase additional images and frames from our wide selection

Each studio has a selection of packages available for additional framed images. Digital images can be purchased as part of these packages but are not sold individually. Please contact your local studio directly for pricing.

You can find our list of studios here.

What should I bring to a pet portrait photoshoot?

We encourage you to bring their favourite toys, their beds and don’t forget treats, to help coax them into playing along. If they like to dress up, don’t forget to bring their favourite outfits.

We tailor the photoshoot completely to you and your pets needs, to make sure they quickly relax and can enjoy the experience, while creating stunning artwork to remember your pet for many years to come.

You can find more information on our Venture Experience here.