March 2024

Heartwarming Newborn Poses

From tiny fingers to sleepy smiles, newborn photography allows us to freeze those fleeting moments in time, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you’re an expectant parent, a grandparent, or someone who just appreciates the beauty of new life, our latest newsletter is dedicated to showcasing the magic of newborn photoshoots.

Newborn Photography Poses

Capturing a newborn’s innocence and beauty involves highlighting details like cute lips, tiny hands, and their flexibility when snugly wrapped.

Our focus today is on EIGHT KEY NEWBORN POSES we use in our studios, which emphasise the adorable features of your little one, whilst ensuring complete comfort and safety at all times.


Completely personalise your newborn photoshoot by incorporating meaningful props. From cherished toys, personalised items, to family heirlooms, this pose allows for a personal and heartfelt touch to your photo collection.

Classic Swaddle

There is nothing as tranquil and heart-warming as a classic swaddle.

This pose showcases pure innocence and captures the smallness of your beautiful bundle of joy.

Softly Lit Intimate Family Shot

Bathe in the soft glow of gentle lighting as your family comes together for an intimate portrait. This pose is effortless elegance, capturing the closeness and love shared within your family.

Parent Hands Pose

This pose encapsulates the tiny statue of your newborn cradled in your hands. This simple style captures protection and true love and creates a timeless portrait.

Companion Nestling Pose

Your treasured pet is a huge part of your family, so capturing your newborn cosily snuggled up next to them will make your heart sing, in our stunning nestling pose.


In this simple and beautiful pose, we capture the closeness and genuine connection as noses touch. The image is a loving snapshot of the bond between parent and tiny newborn.

Dreamy Basket Pose

Create a serene dreamscape with your baby peacefully nestled in a charming basket. This pose highlights the delicate beauty of your little one in a cosy and enchanting setting.

Tiny Fingers and Toes

Zoom in on the intricate details of your newborn’s tiny toes and fingers. This close-up pose showcases the delicate features, celebrating the uniqueness of each tiny digit.

Your story to tell

Witness the magic of your journey from bump to baby as we capture the anticipation, dreams, and growing love. Your bump pictures and newborn shots together tell a beautiful story of resilience and parenthood. Each image is a chapter, reflecting the continuum of your family’s unique and touching narrative.

Newborn Photoshoot Tips

  • The focus on your photoshoot is you and your baby, so avoid busy patterns that might compete
  • Consider the season and choose colours that evoke the feeling you want
  • Pick colours and accessories that hold special meaning for you
  • Make the most of your pre-photoshoot call and discuss the specific images, emotions, and memories;you would like to take away from your photoshoot