August 2017

It’s hot and I’m pregnant!!

Pregnant lady hugging her bump

When is the best time to be pregnant? In the winter, and you potentially face hazardous weather conditions that make it hard for any of us to get out and about, let alone those of us carrying another person inside us! Yet summer can be difficult in other ways – including being very uncomfortable if the weather is hot.

Generally we don’t have a choice anyway: it happens when it happens. Moreover, given that most pregnancies last for 9 months it will straddle at least three seasons anyway. But if you are pregnant at the moment – and if we do get the Indian summer that many are predicting – do take some tips from our recent Summer Survival blog about what can you do to cope with the heat and make yourself a little more comfortable.

Pregnancy is a strange time when your body is in a completely different mode from everyone else. It can be a hugely emotional time due not just to hormones but also the huge changes that are going on in your body and your mind. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience in every sense of the word. Perhaps one of the reasons why it does last 9 months is to give you some time to assimilate what is happening and get ready for your new arrival mentally as well as practically.

Pregnancy is also a time when many women feel vulnerable and unattractive. It’s as if the rest of the world is carrying on as normal – including being interested in fashion and body image – whereas your body is becoming very baby-centred. You body shape changes daily and sometimes it can be hard to find clothes that fit properly, are comfortable and also look good. Your skin and hair may also change in different ways. All in all you may feel huge and horrible – and completely envious of all these carefree people around you chattering on about their latest fashion purchases or their beach body routine for the wonderful holiday they are about to go on!

Ironically, even if you do feel like that, you can be sure that many of the people around you are completely envious of you. Many may long to be pregnant but are not currently able to be. Perhaps they are not yet in the right relationship – or the right stage of their relationship and home circumstances to start a family – or perhaps they are having problems conceiving. Such people may long to be in your position.

You also probably underestimate how good you do look at this time. True, you don’t have as slim a waist as you used to, and can’t quite zip around as well as usual. But chances are that you have gained much more than you have lost. There is definitely a pregnancy glow – and it’s not just sweat! But if you are happily pregnant there is a radiance about you, even when you are feeling frumpy.

We know this is hard to believe! But it would definitely be worthwhile capturing this special time with some professional pregnancy photos. When your baby is here, how wonderful to look back to the time when you are still carrying him or her. Your child will be fascinated to see how you looked when they were physically part of you. And you will also be amazed to see that far from looking as awful as you thought you might, you actually look wonderful!

With Venture pregnancy photography you can create some magical memories of your pregnancy that you can treasure for years to come. As your child grows you will be so glad that you took the opportunity to capture precious mementos of the story of their life right from the very start.