March 2024

Preparing for Your Newborn Experience

We know that in the run up to capturing your new bundle of joy, you might start to have some questions about your Newborn Photography Experience with us at Venture.

  • How do I get ready for my newborn session?
  • What should I pack for our photoshoot?
  • Can I bring my older children?

We have answered all of your questions below…

How do I get ready for my newborn session?

Preparing for your maternity and newborn photoshoot is an exciting journey!;Start by envisioning the colours and themes you’d like to showcase in;your photographs—whether it’s the serene hues of nature or vibrant;pops of colour, your preferences guide the creative process.

For a comprehensive guide,;download our free maternity guide,
which offers valuable tips and insights to ensure every detail is covered.

What should I pack?

Mostly just yourselves and baby! But we have popped together a;simple list of ideas below. For a more;comprehensive list including those special delicate details, download our Maternity and Newborn guide;here.

  • Sentimental Items
  • Soft and Adorable Swaddles
  • Special Props and Keepsakes
  • Blankets
  • Babies Comforter
  • Select Adorable Outfits
  • Feeding supplies for baby
  • Nappies & wipes

Can I bring my older children?

Of course! When you book a maternity or newborn session, you’re not just capturing the adorable moments with your newest family member, but also creating a beautiful collection of memories with parents, siblings, and the whole family – even the family pet!

Once you step into the studio, take a moment to settle in and feel at home. We’ll guide you through getting your family ready and dressed for the photos, starting with capturing the love and connection between parents and siblings.

Our customers say it best!

Take a look at what our customers have said about us this month…

We had a newborn photoshoot done, Gigi also took photos of our other 3 children alongside the new baby, portraits of the children on their own & family photos too. She was amazing & so good with the children. Everyone was very friendly, patient, attentive & made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. We loved all the photos & our experience. Thank you so much.”