August 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Caring For The Modern Day Cat

Been in the modern day 21st century has its many pro’s. One is how people are so accepting of pets and animals! This is great for the modern day pet owner as we are no longer limited to our four walls in order to spend quality time with our pets. Pets are now accepted in pubs, restaurants, hotels and even photography studios (Yes we at Venture welcome your fury friends into our studio too)

So with this been said, how do we ensure that our cats are happy? What do we need to do to keep them entertained? Can we push the boundaries? If so how? The following blog explores many ways in how we can keep our kitties happy and healthy.

Winking tabby cat

How you look after your cat depends on whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat- there are many pro’s and con’s to both, the choice is your own to suit your lifestyle. Some people prefer to let their cat out during the day; this allows the cat more freedom and some say that it is easier to look after your cat, as it is less time consuming. Others prefer to keep their cats inside, protecting them from dangers outside and also for the peace of mind that your cat can’t run away! Either way, both share the common goal on keeping your cat happy!

1. Food and water– cats prefer to keep drink in a separate location from where they eat. Therefore it is a great idea to move their water bowl to the opposite side of the room to their food bowl. Make sure you provide your cat clean and fresh water every day

2. Dry and Wet Food – Provide your cat with a mixture of dry and wet food. It’s always nice to leave your cat dry food in there bowl to nibble on throughout the day

3. Toys! – Just like all animals, cats have to be entertained otherwise they can get anxious and destructive. By providing your cat with a scratch post will encourage them to use there toy instead of scratching there claws on your furniture! Chace the mouse tail is another enjoyable toy that keeps your cat active and engaged!

4. Treats– by putting yummy delicious treats into toys such as Kong’s and food dispensers will keep your cat entertained for hours! By the time he/she has managed to retrieve his treats, your fury friend will be tired and ready for snooze!

5. Nap time– we all know that going into your wardrobe as a cat owner can be a tricky time, we find them sleeping in our shoes, bags, inside drawers, on top of the TV, pretty much anywhere they can put their head down. However, cats love having there safe place, there bed that is just for them. This provides your cat with a safe and cosy environment in case they ever feel anxious or scared. Therefore make sure you have a cat bed in a place where your fury friend can associate with his nap time.

6. Play time– give your cat plenty of ‘us’ time, you have no idea how much they appreciate an hour of endless playing! By playing with your cat regularly will help them engage with you as there owner and also tire them out a little!

7. Health – Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, it is important to bring your cat to the veterinarian at least two times a year for a check-up. They need to be treated for fleas and worms every 8 weeks

8. Neutering – If your cat is an outdoor cat it is always a good idea to have him/her neutered to prevent unwanted babies

9. Litter box – whether your cat is indoor or outdoor I’m sure at some point you will need to use a litter tray. If you intend on your cat been an indoor kitty, you will need to ensure that your cat is always aware on where his nearest litter tray is. If you choose to let your cat be an outdoor cat, then you need to train your kitty to gradually use outside. Either way, many cats prefer to defecate and urinate in separate litter pans. You may need more than one box for one cat. Litter boxes can be placed near each other or in different locations.

10. Sleeping tips – According to research a cat will bond with you and have less behavioural problems if s/he can sleep with you at night. Therefore try putting your kitty’s bed in your bedroom and see if there behaviour changes!

Pets can be like our little baby’s and we treat them just like children. This is why it is so important to keep our fury friends happy as they cannot directly tell you what they want or need. Whether playing ‘chase the mouse tail’ in the front living room, or taking your cat for a walk (they now have cat leads!), it is essential to ensure your cat is healthy and has everything possibly needed to keep him/her a happy faithful friend!

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