July 2015

The Perfect Family Gift:

We all know the feeling of when one off your family member says those five words “don’t they grow up fast!”… As fun as it is for us to eventually fly the nest and enjoy the new adventure ahead of us, for the rest of the family it can be quite an emotional time. There little baby is growing up! So what a fantastic idea it would be to collate all the happy memories you have shared, the ups, the downs, the crazy times and get these memories shot, photographed and printed! It will be a present that will last a lifetime, and an emotional memory of your family’s journey.

However, we all know just how difficult it can be to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Dads at work, sisters at her friends, mum’s cleaning the house. Sound familiar? Well this is why we need to make this journey an exciting adventure! Grab your wellies or sunhat, whatever the weather is and head over to Venture Studios. In order to get the very best experience, below are some simple steps to improve/develop your Venture photography experience.

Mum, Dad, Baby and family dog all snuggling in a picture

1. Make sure you are all clear on the story/theme – Is it going to be a natural theme? Do you want to make it exciting and everyone come in a character? Or do you want a more traditional shot? Whatever you choose, the whole family need to be in agreement so that the personalities truly shine through in each shot!

2. Props? Yes props can be a fantastic item to bring with you on set – A tiara for the little one? A mobile phone for the teenage boy? A remote for Dad? A prop can be a comical way to show your personality …

3. “Don’t worry be happy” everyone knows the Bob Marley quote right?! – It’s more effective to capture a more natural smile and laugh in your shoot, so no matter what you do, just make sure you are having fun! Don’t worry about the pose, our photographers are the best of the best and will capture your shots perfectly

4. Don’t forget your furry friend – We welcome family pets on set! A dog can be a man’s best friend but he can also be a family’s best friend. Whether you want to bring your pet dog or your pet goat we have plenty of room on set for your fury friends!…

After your shoot the tricky part will come… deciding which images to choose! Everyone will have a different favourite image and it will be difficult to pick just one. So why just have one?! Purchase as many images as you like; remember a family shoot is a memory that will last a lifetime. The story has just begun- after your images have been selected, our Venture team will be working there magic, you then get to experience your very own private cinematic experience where we will present to you, your selected images in one of our digital theatre’s… exciting right?!

The best piece of advice to give to any family having a family photoshoot, is just to have fun with it! Relax and enjoy yourselves…your children might fly the nest, Sunday dinner might not be the same, but memories are there forever and we need to cherish the times we get to spend as a family. “There’s no place like home” and nothing says home better than a family portrait- and Venture Studios have the best staff and facilities to make this possible!

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