October 2023

Tips for the Autumn Clock Change

The bi-annual clock change always throws us off our routine, which is a fundamental part we need to keep strong in family life to keep our sanity.

Don’t worry, we have all of the top tips to help you and your family keep on track:

Don’t panic!

Keep calm around your little one’s to maintain a calm environment.

Keep a consistent and focused routine

This will help to encourage them to be calm and relaxed ready for bedtime. An example you could follow is:

  • Giving them a bedtime snack such as a banana or a drink of warm milk will help to make your child feel drowsy. This is because these contain the amino acid tryptophan which encourages sleep. Other foods containing this are: oat biscuits, dates, yoghurt, and peanuts.
  • Having bath time finish 10 minutes before – but not to play, keep it relaxed.
  • Go straight from the bathroom to the bedroom.
  • Dim the lights to help that trusted sleep hormone melatonin.;
  • Read a story or two – but be firm. If you tell two stories, don’t give in to wants of more. Say goodnight and leave the room.

Keep them active

Keep them moving during the day to burn off excess energy ready for an early night. Try to wind down two-three hours before bedtime to give time for them to feel tired and relaxed ready for sleep.

Pre-empt the change

Alter your routine the week leading up to the change. Adjust bedtime by a minimum of 15 minutes later each day – ready for when the clocks go back, so that they don’t wake up too early.

Stagger meal times to fall later the week before. Have breakfast 15 minutes later, lunch 30 minutes later, and dinner/tea up to an hour later. Try to add in an extra little snack time to keep those hungry tummies at bay with the changes.

This should help to transition your little ones a little easier with a different sleep schedule.

The stresses will subside as your family eases into life after the final clock change of the year. Hopefully these tips help to reduce the stress and allows you to steal back an hour for yourself!