March 2015

Top tips for Mums taking their Toddlers to a Venture photoshoot:

Toddler playing with balloons

1. Remember to bring their favourite snacks with you – baby rice cakes, little oaty bars and a bottle of milk or juice will distract them when you need to get them on or off set. And with non-sticky snacks there is minimal risk to clothes – yours and theirs – or the floor (avoid sticky things like bananas or staining fruits like strawberries for obvious reasons!)

2. Bring a change of clothes – In the event that your child DOES soil their clothes, make sure you have a spare outfit ready to go. And if you like to dress them up this is the perfect opportunity to try that little Pumpkin or Bunny rabbit outfit.

3. Don’t forget vital Toys & Books – ensuring you have favourite teddies or books and toys with you will mean they feel comfortable in the studio – an alien environment with flashing lights can be a little frightening to begin with. These toys and books can also become a valuable tool for the shoot itself as they are carried on set by your little one and inform the character and tone of the shoot. A favourite teddy could become the co-star of the shoot…

4. Re-enact home routines – in order to ensure your toddler relaxes into the shoot, try re-enacting something they love doing with you at home. So if they love to sing a certain nursery rhyme with you or be twirled around or like to play peekaboo or have their nose beeped then give that a shot as it may result in some of their best cute faces!

5. Pick them up – When you first start shooting, pick your little one up as the flash can be a bit alarming for the first five minutes. After that they should get used to it – but it helps if they feel as warm and secure as possible to get them past that first shock.

6. Time the shoot around naps – If your child likes to take a nap for two hours at lunchtime, make sure that your session starts when they are at their most fresh and excitable. So either first thing in the morning or after their lunchtime sleep. This will ensure they don’t get tired and a bit grumpy halfway through…

7. Photographers are the experts – Just follow the photographer’s tips – after all, they are the experts and know how to get the best from your little one in a studio session. They have done this a million times before and will make you and your child feel comfortable and at home. Won’t be long before the little miss or mr is parading in front of the lens like a professional!

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