January 2016

Bump to Baby Photoshoot with the Vickerman Family

The moment you child is born, is a moment that you can never forget. Suddenly you get to hold, see and touch the little bundle of joy that you have so amazingly created. At Venture we know the importance of capturing special moments so that you can treasure them forever; and that’s why we love to see and shoot new-born sessions, as this is such a personal time.

Big sister kissing her new baby sister while she sleeps

With a new born session, not only is this an incredibly exciting time, but it’s also a memory that you want to have and see in 18 years’ time, when your little baby is all grown up and heading off to college!

The Vickerman family came to visit one of our studios for a new-born shoot, and it’s fair to say that they enjoyed every minute of it! With mum, dad and two little girls getting involved, it was guaranteed to be an emotional session. After the photoshoot was finished, we visited the Vickerman’s family home and asked mum and dad what they thought of the whole experience…

“We’ve done photoshoots in the past, in fact we’ve had 2 or 3 photoshoots before… but this was something totally different”

“A lot more personable approach, we were there a lot longer, it felt almost like a day out”

“We were asked what we wanted, to make it suit our home and the room we it was going to be in”

“The fact that we were asked about the colour of the room and the décor, that’s a little touch that I don’t think a lot of people would think of”

The whole experience was something that they could take away with them, and have a constant memory off. One of the family’s favourite moments was when Caitlyn, the oldest daughter, kissed Alicia on the head “just as she did it Alicia did this cute little smile, and Tonie managed to capture it” Tonie was the photographer who photographed the session, and she made it her mission to make sure the family got the perfect image… “It was a beautiful moment”. No photographer can rest until they know that their family has that picture perfect shot!

When mum and dad came back for their personalised viewing, things got quite emotional… “The first time I saw it, it was quite overwhelming” who wouldn’t find that time emotional, right?

With a little help, trial and error, and moving around the photos now “pride themselves on our mantel piece, so that every time we come downstairs we see the family and see our beautiful children, it reminds us of how close we are and puts a smile on our face everyday”

We love hearing about our customers fantastic experiences in our different studios, and it’s always lovely to hear a happy ending!

“Would recommend to anyone”- The Vickerman Family

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