September 2018

What’s in a Frame?

One of the weird things about life today is that we’re surrounded by photos yet few of us actually seem to have any! Wherever you go you see people taking photos or posing for photos: but where do they all end up?

Social media is flooded with photos. It is estimated that 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. Our phones are also full of photos, and that is the way that most of us now show photos to our friends.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.51.46

But are we missing something?

Many people now use kindles and other electronic reading devices to read. But many others prefer to stick with printed books; preferring the look, the feel and the smell. Similarly many of us download music or use a music streaming service such as Spotify: but there are others who much prefer CDs or vinyl – which is becoming increasingly popular. Again, the rationale for this is to have something physical to hold and to look at: some solid evidence of the music you enjoy.

It is much the same with photographs. In our article earlier this year The Return of the Photograph, we looked at the increase in popularity of instant cameras, where you can see your photograph straight away – just as you can on your phone: but unlike your phone you also have a physical photograph to have and to hold.

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How much better to have wonderful photographs displayed in your home rather than just depend on a screen to hold your precious memories! That is why at Venture Studios we supply a stunning range of frames that will showcase your photographs to perfection, and make them an integral feature of your home. You will be able to look at your family portraits and other favourite photographs again and again.

All of our stunning range of frames are British made by one of the country’s foremost printers and framers, Premier Image. Below is a list and brief description of our frames. All come in a range of sizes, one of which is bound to fit perfectly into your home:

  • Gallery: a beautiful combination of warm colours and different textures which work together perfectly.
    Vue: a contemporary frame with a glass surround, creating the illusion of floating photographs.
  • Metro: wall-mounted blocks with sleek, clean and crisp lines.
  • Mosaic: contemporary frameless design in a mosaic layout.
  • Strata: creative use of layering to create a 3-dimensional effect.
  • Citi: simple but chic design featuring chunky matt black wood frame with silver inlay.
  • Ice: innovative and stylish frame with moveable acrylic blocks enabling you to rearrange as you please.
  • Urban: a sumptuous dark wood frame that brings depth and warmth to the image.
  • Jazz: lacquered wet look frame in either cool moonlight white or total eclipse black.
  • Lumino: eye-catching aluminium sheet providing vibrant colours and great depth to the image.
  • Panama: stone setting for a stunning hand-distressed version of your image.
  • Centric: layers of beautifully finished hand crafted sustainable wood supporting a cast of your image on low profile aluminium

Whatever your style of home and your preferences for framing, Venture Studios offers the perfect option. To fully appreciate the above range why not take a look at our frame gallery here.

So as we head into autumn why not make the decision to have some photographs that you can enjoy in your home every single day? Treat yourself to a Venture family portrait experience and then choose one of our wonderful frames to showcase the results.

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You can book a Venture experience online, give us a call on 0845 121 1085 or contact your nearest Venture Studio to find out more information. Get in touch now to put yourself in the frame!