October 2015

Getting the Younger Ones to Enjoy the Photoshoot- The Problem & the Solution

We all know that it can be quite difficult getting the younger ones out of the house, dressed, cleaned, well behaved and the rest. This can be even more difficult when there is more than one child to round up and get ready! So if you are booked in for a Venture photoshoot, or you are considering to book your family in for one… don’t panic! We have everything you need to know in order to be prepared and get all of the family (including the little ones) excited and enthusiastic for the day.

Children head first in a suitcase with their legs sticking out


A great technique to get the children excited and on their best behaviour is to get them involved in the whole process. If they feel like they have a part in the day then they are more likely to listen, be themselves and as a result you will get some fantastic images! One popular method is getting your child to pack their own suitcase for the session. They can bring a change of clothes, fancy dress, different shoes, anything they want and this will get them excited for what’s to come later in the day!


As they are packing their suitcase, make sure they bring lots of outfit choices and changes. As adults we tend to be able to concentrate for longer periods of time; however for children this can be quite difficult, especially if they are bored. Keep them from being bored by packing lots of clothes options- this will not only keep them entertained and excited for the next outfit change, but you will also be surprised with result you will get from the images at the end. when the photographer captures your little one in his/her natural environment


Along with different outfit changes, it always works really well if you bring different props to the shoot. Customers have brought footballs, bikes, huge teddy bears, mirrors, toys, food, etc. Again this can entertain the little one throughout the day, but they also bring out your child’s personality and character in the session. It’s always better to get a natural and fun shot where your child is playing and having fun!


We welcome all pets to our Venture Studios, we have had all kinds of animals including everything from a dog to a goat and even a horse! Pet images can be some of the best ones, especially when they are with children. We really get to see the character and the friendships come out in these sessions, and most families tend to purchase these kinds of images for their homes and families over the other images!


It might sound cliché but by finding what truly makes your little one happy, will make the studio session fun and entertaining! Lots of families have said that having a photoshoot at Venture Studios is like have a family day out- we do this by finding out what everyone likes. If your child loves superheroes, then bring his/her favourite costume in! If they love baking, bring baking equipment and cakes! Our photographers will be able to do so much with the shoot, and your little one will forget that they are even having their image taken.


While we don’t like ‘fake’ smiles in our shoots, we also want to see you all happy! Whether they are 8 months, 2 years old or 13 years old, you can still bring out some fantastic natural smiles. Remember to have fun with one another and the smiles will naturally flow without having to even say CHEESE!


Be creative with your shoots, you can rely on your photographer to do the majority of the creativity in your session, however the more creative you think, the more your photographer can work with! This works especially well with the younger ones.

Remember… your family photo doesn’t need to be a ‘typical’ family image, at Venture Studios we like to add a bit of Venture Style to our shoots and this truly brings out the best stories from your images… it’s your story and who can tell it better than your family!

We like to do it differently. The whole family will love it! Explore our family photoshoot packages.