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Little Angels shoot with the Henson family

When the Henson family came to visit one of our studios, they said they “had some great ideas but I don’t always know how to bring them alive”… our photographers and stylists are absolutely brilliant at bringing alive customers ideas and creations, so this shoot was an exciting opportunity to bring out the Henson’s personality.


Once your child has started crawling and walking, they really grow into their own independence and personality. This is when they really start showing their character, which is why this is such an important age to start capturing special moments. The Henson family went all out with the props in their shoot… bringing everything from crowns to a red robe! This was important to the family at the time. After the shoot they thought that the images “really captured the part of our family” and that they “exceeded my expectations if that was at all possible”.


When it comes to a little angles photoshoot, families bring all sorts of things to their shoot! Some families like to bring changes in outfits; other families may opt for something simplistic such as a dummy or their favourite toy. It’s really important that they feel relaxed and happy, so that we can photograph your little one in a relaxed and natural environment.“It’s what makes you fall in love with them every time you look at the photo- I often sit looking through them with my husband, the feeling we get when we look at them, it really brings out what were family is about”


“When you go into someone’s house you always know a Venture photo”

“It always brings out the family’s character extremely well and really gets to the heart of what that family’s about”

When the Henson family came back to the studio to view their images in one of our cinematic viewing rooms, they were amazed by all the fantastic images that were taken… “The way they put the pictures together really emphasised what they captured on the day”. It’s always nice to get lovely feedback from customers, but the Henson family really new how to compliment the studio! They purchased their favourite images for all the family to see and they loved them!


“In terms of the pictures- where aren’t they? Every family member, every relative and around the house they have a private place”


It’s safe to say that the family had a great time at their shoot and we would love to see them again soon! And when asked what they thought of the final product… they said the “Value for money is fantastic...You have to spend a little bit extra to get extra”