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Hitting the right note

Our family has always been musical. As a child I learnt to play the flute and put my parents through a lot of pain during my many hours of practice, and my sister played the clarinet – I think her practice sessions were probably a little less kind to the ear drums!

Music was the reason I met my husband too. He was playing in a band which was popular in the local area, and I guess I became a bit of a groupie. Whenever they were playing, my friends and I were there supporting them.

The tradition has continued with our children. Alice started playing the guitar when she was 6 – its amazing what they can learn at school these days. And Tom plays the drums. Brian and I are considering building them a shed at the bottom of the garden so they can practice and leave us in peace!

Hopefully one day if their passion continues like ours has, we will all be able to play together, although I’m not 100% sure what we will call ourselves or how guitar, drums and flute will work together with Brian’s amazing vocals!

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