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Life is just one big party!

In his youth, Charles was a famous DJ in his home town in Jamaica, he had quite a following and was inspired to move to the UK when DJs started to become as famous and renowned as rock stars.

I met up with him while he was playing at a club in Kingston – he liked my request, said they were some of his favourite tracks.

Although he never made a career out of it he still spends a huge amount of time listening to music and putting together playlist for friends and family. The children have grown up with a house full of sounds and inevitably they both have a passion for music too!

As you can imagine we tend to hold the best (and loudest) parties in the street – we obviously invite all the neighbours and it becomes one big family affair with everyone chilling together.

What are you waiting for? Let us capture some memories for you and your family…

The studio is where your experience comes to life

From start to finish your time at Venture will be like no other photography experience; see how we captured the character and passions of the Pemberton family to create unique personalised story telling images giving them memories that will last forever.