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Some mums and dads prefer for their baby to gain more of their own personality before they have their very first photographic experience. In the first few years there are many special moments and ‘firsts’ in your child’s life that you will want to remember for years to come. They will start to sit up, their first tooth pops through and they start to become independent through crawling and eventually pulling themselves up to walk.

Once your child has begun walking they really start to show their character, accessing all sorts around your home which allows them to connect with things that interest them. This is when the story of you and your family really starts to unfold. You will start reading together, playing games, having fun days out, activities which can start to make us all the unique individuals we grow into.

Capturing these unique times in their life and the story around them is what we love doing.

At Venture, we create fun and exciting portrait shoots for you and your little angel, simply bring along their toys, outfits and even dummies to make sure they are relaxed, happy and ready for their pictures. Whether your child is going to be the next Wayne Rooney, Jessie J, Gordon Ramsey or Kate Moss make sure you bring along their favourite things so we can truly reflect the unique individual they are already becoming.

You’ll be surprised how your child will interact with you and your photographer, giving some priceless expressions to create once in a lifetime pictures that you will treasure for years to come.

The studio is where your experience comes to life

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The studio is where your experience comes to life

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