October 2022

Scarily Good Home Decoration Tips this Halloween

It’s finally pumpkin season! One of the best times of year.

The time where orange becomes everyone’s favourite go-to colour, homes smell of amber and pumpkin, every coffee shop launches their version of a pumpkin-spiced latte, and we finally get to go pumpkin picking.

This time of year is heart-warming and eerie but with a sense of familiarity and comfort. You can pull out your decorations from last year, or go to your local shop and purchase something new. Whether you’re heading down the more modern Halloween route or opting for a traditional feel, we’re here to help you navigate what works best for you and your home.


Displaying your pumpkins in a range of areas and creative ways, such as a clear jar or bowl, makes an instant stylish Halloween display. You can either use a traditional styled pumpkins, such as one you would pick from pumpkin patch, or you can opt for those adorable mini pumpkins that are popular in homeware this year. These mini pumpkins come in a variety of colours, so choosing the one that’s right for your home is down to your imagination. However we can say that if you go for all white pumpkins this will give an elegant feel. If you choose all orange this will create a more traditional Halloween feel. Or even better… mix things up and go for a variety of colours. 

Dark Decorations;

Group together all of the dark coloured decorations that you can find in your house, you might need to purchase a couple of additional pieces but we suggest anything from candles, candlesticks, vases, bowls, dried flowers, even books work! Add a few scary pieces such as a skull or a black cat and you’ve instantly got yourself a spooky-halloween display. 

Simple yet sophisticated

In addition to adding your mini pumpkins in a jar/bowl display, we also recommend styling some additional pieces around your home. Adding texture is a must during this time of year, and velvet pumpkins are extremely popular this year. Not only are they on trend and look super cute, but they also bring in that additional texture to your home so you’re not just relying on your knitted blankets. We also suggest choosing an autumn scent and decorating your home with autumnal candles. Not only will this brighten a room but the scent will immediately bring you those Halloween vibes.

Check out our blog on textures for more inspiration.

Colour Palette;

Your choice of colour palette is essential to which way you want to choose to go with Halloween this year. Opting for oranges, reds and blacks will give you a traditional feel. If you choose to go for whites, grey’s, creams mixed with a little rustic orange will give you a more modern and stylish look.

Pick a theme – movie inspired;

Picking a theme will help you to figure out which direction you want to go. A top tip from us at Venture is this theme can be anything from modern/traditional to a movie inspired theme. People often go with Michael Myers or Halloween but we’ve included some more options for you to think about:

Movie inspired themes: Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion, Nightmare before Christmas (Jack Skellington), The Matrix, The Adams Family, Ghost Busters or Harry Potter.

Not only can you use this theme to assist you in your colour and decoration choices, but it can also be used when deciding on your costume… win win! If you’re visiting one of our studios during this festive season, why not bring in your costumes to your session? Our photographers can capture your family in all of their Halloween glory giving you the gift of memories – this will be something the family will definitely want to look back on in a few years time!

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